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Creative Ways to Show Your Employees They Are Valued

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Your employees are critical for the success of your business. It takes an entire team to get your business off the ground and ensure continued success. It has been proven time and time again that business owners that have talented employees also tend to have the most success.

Being able to attract the right talent is something that takes more than just luck. An effective way to attract top talent is by treating your workers well and showing that you appreciate their time and effort. Make sure that you treat your employees as real people and reward them when this is necessary.

From making their jobs easier with things like signature stamps to providing catered meals in the office, there are an array of ways you can show your workers you value them. Keep reading for more ideas.

Invest in Gamification

With gamification systems in place, you could let employees claim what tasks they want to do and receive a point or points related to the task once it is complete. You can let your employees redeem these points at a corporate rewards portal for anything that ranges from days to work-at-home, additional vacation days, or even continuing education paid for by the company.

This is a great way to show your employees you value them. Also, it is fun. Use gamification in your day-to-day activities, and you will see employee satisfaction and productivity go up.

Allow Your Workers to Give or Receive Accolades 

It is a good idea to show appreciation to your employees regularly. Also, make sure that you are recognizing your employees and the work they do. The way that you do this is by setting aside time to make it a priority.

You may even want to set up a weekly “props” meeting. This is when your workers can give anyone else in the business props or accolades. This will help to create an atmosphere of teamwork, respect, and appreciation.

Provide Food for Your Workers

Call in a caterer to provide a catered lunch or bring in donuts to the morning meeting. You can even order pizza for everyone a few times a month. Almost everyone likes to be fed and get a free meal. This reward will help to bring your employees together, and it will help to strengthen these interpersonal relationships. While this is true, it is also going to spread the feeling that your employees are appreciated and that their work is valued by the business.

Show Gratitude Through Social Media 

Most businesses put time and effort in recognizing their workers on service anniversaries and even birthdays. Usually, these posts will include a photo and something that helps to highlight the worker’s contributions to the business or some type of interesting fact about them. This is great. However, do not stop there. It is also a good idea to make sure to recognize accomplishments, when possible. This is a great way to really call out your workers and make them feel like their work matters.

Provide Rewards

When it comes to employee appreciation, one of the best things you can do is to give rewards. One way to do this is by having each of your teams – support, marketing, etc. – can present what they have accomplished during the month. You can then have everyone vote on which one of the teams had the biggest impact on the annual goals. The team that wins should be able to pick their reward, but you can choose what works for your business.

For example, you could provide a fun excursion for the team or a catered meal. Let the winners choose what they want or want to do. If you do not have that big of a team, consider doing this for individuals.

Delegate Some Type of Team Award 

When it comes to recognizing your workers, you need to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to be in the spotlight. You can send an email to the employees who stand out and go above and beyond in their workday. This is a great way to let individuals know that what they do matters to the business and helps to make it better and improve what the business does.

Provide Fitness Opportunities

Giving your employees the opportunity to be fit and healthy is important. Try adding a gym to the building or even an outside walking track. You can even provide incentives for employees that meet these fitness goals. You can set a team goal, such as 100 total pounds lost or something similar. You can even make this a step goal for the week or year. This is a great way to encourage everyone to participate and keep them healthier and more productive.

Provide Your Employees Additional Time Off

One of the most effective and valuable ways for you to recognize your workers is with time. Give them additional time off that they can spend doing something besides having to focus on work. You can provide this time as additional days off, additional vacation days, or even time to work from home.

Encourage Employee Feedback

You need to encourage your employees to give you some feedback about their role and what they believe could be improved. You can do this via a survey or even suggestion box. Take some time to find out what they think about various factors, such as career growth, leadership, teamwork, and other factors.

Make sure you give them a chance to make suggestions regarding what needs to be improved or anything else that may be on their mind. Try to conduct this feedback survey every month of so to ensure you know what your employees are thinking and to give them the opportunity to provide advice and ideas on things that could be changed or improved.

Host Company Events

Events company-wide are very popular when it comes to building a team and encouraging the team atmosphere. Every employee wants to feel as though they are a part of the bigger team. This is also going to help them believe in the company. If you can create a workplace that is flexible, fun, and positive, your employees are going to appreciate it. They are also going to know that you trust them to do the work and contribute to the team.

Showing Your Employees You Value Them

When it comes to your employees, it is up to you to show them that you appreciate the work they do and the time they put into helping ensure your business continues to grow and be successful. Be sure to keep the tips here in mind as they represent some great ideas to let your workers know that you care and that you are appreciative of everything that they do on a daily basis.


Remember, you have the option to add new and different ideas to this list, too. In some cases, you are going to find a way to show appreciation that is unique to your company and your needs. Being informed and knowing what to expect are the best ways to help ensure that you show your employees you care and that they are important. Do this regularly to achieve the best success possible.

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