Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Creative ways to use PVC pipes

Pipes are one of those construction materials that are extremely important for any kind of building or facility to be able to function properly. Can you imagine the kind of mess we would be in if there were no pipes involved in our houses or offices! The most common form of pipes is the PVC pipe which is used in all building to maintain a constant supply of water in the building and effectively transport waste and sludge away to the drains.

There are many other forms of pipes too. Nowadays you can even buy garden pipe online. Garden pipes are mainly used to water plants in the garden. But they are also often used for other purposes too like washing cars and motorbikes. Even though pipes are so simple, they are so important for a society to function properly. As PVC pipes are used so commonly, they are also quite cheap and easily available. This makes them a great choice for a lot of DIY crafts. They can be cut, drilled, glued and also painted easily. You can use PVC pipes for a variety of stuff. Given below are some of the most popular ways you can use them, other than for the transport of water and waste.

Chicken feeder

If you have a farm, then this is an excellent idea for you. You don’t have to buy specialised chicken feeders for your hens. Just get a few long PVC pipes with a curved on one side. Arrange them vertically side by side with the curved end at the bottom. Fill the pipes with food and you chicken feeder will be ready. As the chicken feed from the curved bottom opening, more food will be refilled on its own.

Desk organising cups

If you are a messy person and your desk is always a chaos, then you should consider getting a desk organiser. But instead of buying one, you can make your own inexpensive desk organising cups with the help of PVC pipes. Get short PVC pipes of different sizes and cut them in the size of cups to hold your belongings on your desk. Cut one end of the pipes in a slanting manner to create a visual effect. Paint these pipes in your favourite colours and attach them together in a haphazard manner. Cover the slanting end with a cardboard and you have your desk organiser ready.

Wine glass holder

If you always store all your wine glasses on shelves or in cabinets, its time you did something different. Instead of buying those expensive wine glass holders to hand the glasses, just make one yourself with the help of a PVC pipe. Just get a medium sized PVC pipe and cut a side of it longitudinally in the size of the stem of your glasses. Hang the pipe up keeping the cut side downwards. Arrange the glasses on it and display your magnificence.

You can create a lot more things with PVC pipes as well as garden pipes. You can buy PVC pipe and garden pipe online India, so making them is going to be a piece of cake for you.

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