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Crucial Tips for Choosing a Yoga Retreat Program for Couples

“In partner yoga practices we learn about ourselves through each other. We begin to see, with compassion, the quality of our presence in our relationships.” – Union

Love is an endless mystery that grows with time and becomes deeper with care. In the present time, we hardly find an hour to cherish our relationship, our partners and the efforts they make howsoever small they are. Today couples are facing a lot of issues related to health, sex life and benevolence against each other, and all this together is responsible for fading the spark away from romantic relationships. The hectic schedule, busy life, etc. brings stress closer to us and affects our relationship.

To reconnect with one another, to fall in love again and to rekindle the romance and intimacy, a soulful getaway is needed. Couple luxury yoga holidays are something that you require for regaining health and having a blissful time together amidst a grandeur setting.

Travel to an exotic yogic land like India for an enlivening experience with a plush setting. And to have blissful holidays with your partner, here are the amazing tips for choosing a well-embodied luxury yoga holidays in India for couples.

Find a Couple Friendly Place

Unplug yourself from the daily grind and recharge the spiritual batteries at the renowned yogic land of India. The country offers an amazing yoga retreat for every kind of aspirant and there are many wonderful places to travel to for couples. Visit couple specific places for luxury couple retreat vacation like Goa, Kerala, Dharmashala, and more. These places are apt for couple retreats and make you re-connect with your partner and yourself while restoring health.

Right Kind of Couple Yoga Retreat Center

Being the land of origin there are a lots of yoga centers and schools in India that provide best yoga programs. Choose the one which is Yoga Alliance Affiliated to be sure about its credibility. Also check the school’s reputation, experience, history and more. Try to choose a couple specific retreat program with only couples in participation as many retreat programs welcome single people. But it is advisable to choose one that only includes couples and also garner the opportunity to learn from other couples’ relationship experiences.

Amidst a Serene Setting for a Romantic Getaway

Whatever place you’re choosing for your luxury yoga holidays in India, ensure to select a place that is engulfed with serenity and tranquillity. The place should be blessed with nature in abundance and ideal for a romantic getaway and supports in restoring the health. Imagine strolling at the beach together while practicing walking meditation, practicing couple yoga at the river banks for better sync or enjoying pranayama in the mountains covered with snow to know each other better.

Check Curriculum, Teachers’ Profile and Class Size

For a comforting experience and best yoga learning do remember to go through the curriculum, class size and teachers’ profile. Teachers are the one who are responsible for shaping the practice. Some couple retreat programs have counselors for helping couples rekindle their romance, solve issues related to their relationship and also advice upon their sexual lives. Also, go through the program curriculum to have a better insight into the course and its teachings. Check for the class size that should include 12-18 people for intensifying session and personalized attention from the instructor.

Couple-Specific Activities

At renowned couple yoga retreat, you will get an array of amazing activities in terms of both yoga and romantic getaways. To get the most out of your luxury yoga holidays make sure the retreat program offers mindful intimate dinner for two, cooking classes for making the bond stronger, couple yoga activities for reconnection, dance classes for better understanding, couple massage and other rejuvenating activities.

Keep these handy tips for choosing the best couple yoga vacation for you and your partner and reintroduce yourself to new love and life.

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