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Crypto has been going crazy? Real reasons why.


In recent years, the industry is marking time: the trade infrastructure is developing rapidly, but the technology is still far from mass adoption, which at this stage looks just as futuristic as, for example, the creation of quantum computers. In the absence of qualitative changes, start-ups will continue to depend on momentary investor sentiment and work in conditions of high volatility, which negatively affects the reputation of the industry.

Despite all that now Bitcoin's course, which had already taken off to a record for the year, reaching the maximum mark from May 2018, continues to rise and has already overcome the psychological mark of 13 thousand dollars. This happened for the first time in a year and a half - from January 2018. The three-month chart for BCT clearly shows that the coin is on the uptrend since last April, and it is just as clear that this week's volatility includes the worst losses during that time.

Following the bitcoin, almost all other cryptocurrency markets from the TOP-5 capitalize. 

By the level of security and the number and speed of transactions, #Methash even surpasses Bitcoin.  A fully decentralized and synchronized circuit capable of rapidly processing the amount of data necessary for the world. 

Another important point in the increase in prices for Bitcoin is that something attracted the attention of even more of the buyers. Of course, Blockchain received even more profit. After all, the more customers are involved, the more security is increased. And now the speed at which the performed calculations are at a record high level.

But at the moment not only bitcoin boasts an increase in price. Ethereum (ETH) has the same situation lately. Only over the past few months, the price has increased by 110 percent. About all cryptocurrencies that have been experiencing a moment of the boom, write similar news. All media stress that the coin has stabilized at current trading levels, with transaction volumes high.

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Now the coin is actively working, and the number of interested investors is increasing, which allows us to say that investors more often respond favorably to cryptocurrencies.

Most recently, the famous investor Mike Novogratz foresaw a jump in prices and the establishment of stability of the course. But he doubted his predictions. But, as we see, it turned out to be true - Bitcoin settled down to the value of 11,000

Although since last week cryptocurrencies have fallen a bit in the maximum price, the mood for the future is completely positive. Two or three largest and most popular coins remain on the top of the rating.

Although the cost of Bitcoin over the past 15 months is only increasing and is now at its peak, losses and a slight decrease in price can be considered as taking profits. Everything reminds us of the Bitcoin launch period in 2017 and a slight decline in 2018.

But we must remember that, as Caitlin Long of Forbes says, investors need a stable system more than just stable prices. Because it is a completely natural feature.

Due to the fact that the Bitcoin hashrate has grown noticeably, all the news is well-tuned about Bitcoin and now a growing burst of positive mood is spreading in the media because of the stable cryptocurrency rate.

If in 2019 there will not be a financial crisis like the one in 2008, cryptocurrency prices will not make us happy with rapid growth. I believe they will stabilize around current levels and will trade in a range throughout the year. The regulation of the market will gradually develop. I consider the development of cryptocurrency technologies to be the most interesting, and not the blockchain alone.

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