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Crypto Sports Betting Cons and Pros

Whether it’s the worldwide famous football Euro league or a local horse race happening on the other side of the planet, you will always find someone betting on it. Sports betting is one of the most common activities people like to do. While some people would do it out of their passion for some sports and their feelings towards their favorite team. Other people would bet on anything as long as the chances are good and the rate is reasonable. Some people consider sports betting to be their only job, which for sure is not a regular option. This article will talk about sports betting and how it got affected by the crypto revolution. But before getting into it, find a list of the best bitcoin casinos.

The rapid development of sports betting

It all started before the internet with sports betting offices and brokers who collected the money and paid the profits in a traditional face-to-face way. Then came the internet and brought the advantage of engaging more players and organizing the money transfers online to make it instant and more secure. Nowadays, most online casinos offer various options for sports betting, and there are some dedicated sports betting websites and mobile applications that cover almost every sport on the planet.

Online sports betting has become very popular in the last decade, and many betting fans prefer it because it has value for them since it’s connected with their favorite sports. People feel motivated to bet for their teams to show support and because they trust their team will win the game. According to Play Today, the sports betting industry makes up to 40% of the worldwide gambling market. Nowadays, some governments started legalizing online sports betting even without legalizing online gambling. For instance, Canada was one of the countries to legalize single-game online sports betting in 2021.

The crypto era and how it affected sports betting

Cryptocurrencies made a significant impact on the gambling industry, and with the opening of crypto casinos, millions of players worldwide started gambling and sports betting using crypto money. Some people find it an excellent way to practice their favorite habit without being exposed, especially since banks and financial institutions will limit your credit card if you start showing a gambling addiction or a regular gambling activity. It is why crypto solved the issue with anonymous peer-to-peer secure transactions.

Online crypto gamblers are using crypto in all kinds of sports betting, and just like traditional money, you can win lots of crypto or lose your bet. However, crypto sports betting has many cons and pros, and following, we will discuss them in some detail.

Pros of crypto sports betting

  • You can bet freely without worrying about being monitored by anyone because no one can find out about your gambling habits when using crypto, and the transactions are always secret and secure.
  • You can bet with total anonymity without revealing your identity. Furthermore, some crypto casinos will ask you for minimal registration details, while others could let you bet without any registration.
  • The rates and the bonuses in crypto casinos are much higher than online and site-based casinos, and if your team won the game as you expected, you would be getting more than your friend who had the same bet using traditional money.
  • The Crypto exchange rate is constantly changing, and recently, we have witnessed the rise of many cryptocurrencies significantly. Your crypto profits could be gaining more value as time goes by.

Cons of crypto sports betting

  • There are many fake crypto sports betting websites, and you have to be very careful choosing the platform where you will deposit your precious crypto and place the bet.
  • Unlike banks and fast money transfers, crypto transactions are peer-to-peer and irreversible, which means you can’t reverse a transaction if you mistakenly used the wrong code or entered the incorrect details. 
  • The whole cryptosystem is still developing, and it is still unknown how the governments would react to this concept. Some countries legalized crypto while others banned all its activities, which could negatively affect the cryptocurrency in the future.


If you are a fan of sports betting, you might want to try crypto sports betting even for once. It could be the right thing for you, and it could not, but testing would be the best way to tell. When looking for a crypto casino, make sure to do some research and avoid falling into the trap of scam crypto dealers and fake crypto casinos.

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