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Turning Customers Into Obsessors

Every entrepreneur wants the same thing--they want for their customers to love their products. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that this is the result that you get, regardless of the product that you’re selling. Keep in mind, there aren’t “tricks” that will help your customers to love your products. Instead of tricking your customers, here are ways that you can earn the publicity that will then give you loyal customers.


1. Getting Your Name Out There

Your name is a marketing tool. Often, customers will become loyal to you, and then it doesn't matter what your product is; your customers will love it no matter what. Take Elon Musk, for example. Musk is a billionaire entrepreneur who seems to create businesses in his sleep. He connects with his audiences by staying up-to-date on issues relevant to the people he targets. He’s hosted “meme review” with Pewdiepie, a YouTuber with nearly 90 million subscribers, and has done a dozen other things in order to get to know different audiences. He’s the perfect example of “getting your name out there.”

You should try to do a similar thing by learning ways that you can make the community aware of who you are. Because, if the community knows you and remembers your name, they are much more likely to purchase your products. Get exposure for you, your name, and your business so that people will feel comfortable coming to you for your product.

2. Produce Quality Products

As an entrepreneur, one thing that you can do wrong is assuming that you can produce a poor quality product and expect people to appreciate it. Customers, no matter who they’re buying from and no matter the price, expect that they’re buying something that has good quality. If you disappoint that trust, you will disappoint your customers. If you do this, your customers will find someone else to buy the product from.

However, if you do the opposite and you focus on only giving people the best product that you can make, then you will surprise your customers every time. People respect entrepreneurs who do their best to supply high-quality goods to the market. If you do, you’ll earn customers who buy every product that you make without asking what the product does in the first place.

3. Be Creative

Entrepreneurs are known for their creativeness. They can create new ideas and new products out of thin air. But, sometimes they get bogged down in the trends. If you’re able to create something new, however, you can take over multiple aspects of the market. If you stay creative, you can be the Disruptive Innovation rather than the one who’s being disrupted. For example, during the time of Blockbuster, most people were just thinking about ways that they can put a twist on the typical in-store movies. After a few years, Netflix is released which drives all of the in-store movie businesses out of the competition. Netflix opened up a new avenue of marketable products. In your own practice, you want to be creative enough to do the same thing. Don’t get bogged down in the trends that are happening now. Instead, think several years in the future.


4. Be Honest About the Product

The last, and one of the most important, things that you can do is be honest about the product. Only promise that it will do what it actually will do. If you set your customers’ expectations high and then deliver below that, it will nothing but hurt your business. This is why you need to take care that you’re always delivering on your promise. If you’re not sure about the results, don’t promise anything. Your customers will learn to love and respect you for your honesty.  



Becoming a great entrepreneur depends on a lot more than the idea for the product. You also have to be honest and sincere. Make sure that you’re delivering on all of your promises. If you combine these things with creative products, your customers will become hooked on the products that you create.

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