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Customers Must Be Aware of Their Rights When They Make New Purchases

For its convenience, online shopping had become the norm for quite a while. Its popularity shot even higher when the pandemic hit and direct contact between humans was restricted. But whether you are shopping online or in stores, it is necessary to be aware of store policies which may affect you.


Returns policies are a must and a customer should always be aware of the steps they have to follow in case they want to return a product that they have purchased. Most businesses have clearly defined return policies and as customers, you must always ask about the return policies of the particular goods that you are buying.


A Few General Return Policies


1.   Most businesses have a specific time period within which a product must be returned. For matalan returns must be made within 14 days of the date of purchase.


2.   To return a product, you must have proof of your purchase. A receipt or a bill that is given to a customer on making a purchase can act as proof that the customer indeed made the purchase. So, this must be produced when the customer is trying to return a product.


3.   If you have used the products or washed or worm them then they cannot be returned.


4.   If you have customized the products that you have purchased then also, they cannot be returned. You must be aware of this before you place your order for customization and pay for your purchase.


5.   Items such as, bedsheets, pillows, covers, undergarments, socks and others cannot be returned so that hygiene is not compromised. Shoes worn outside may also not be returnable in many instances.


6.   Make sure that you have retained the original packaging that the product came in. This makes it easier to return them.


7.   Products which have been purchased on sale cannot be returned generally. This applies to most stores in the UK and dunelm returns are no exceptions.


8.   Some brands may allow you to return their products at a store that is different from the one in which the purchase was made. Some may ask you to take it back to the same store where you made the purchase from. While making the purchase, make sure to ask about what kind of return policy the store follows.


How to Go About Returning A Product

If it is an in-store purchase then making returns is pretty easy. All you have to do is take back the product to the store with the original bill or receipt and you can return it. If you have made your purchase online then you have to raise a request to return your product.


For dunelm returns to be made online, you have to get in touch with their customer service executives who will send you a confirmation mail confirming your return request and later, you can ship it back using any courier service that is convenient for you. You will get your refunds soon after. Matalan returns refunds are generally made within two weeks of them receiving the product you returned. The refunds are made through the same way you paid but if you paid in cash then your bank details may be asked for when you raise your return request.


Some brands even allow you to exchange their products for any other products that may have caught your fancy while other brands insist on returning the money and you can make fresh purchases if you wish to buy something from there.


To Conclude

It is very possible that you may dislike some aspect of a product after you have purchased it. In this case, return policies will come to your rescue. So, as a customer, it is necessary for you to be aware of your rights. Asking and finding out about the return policies at any store you are making your purchase in is the sign of a conscious consumer.

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