Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Customized e-learning – An Evolving Concept

In this dynamic world, it is important to keep yourself updated with the current trends of your industry, and this can be now possible with the help of corporate e-learning solutions. It is one of an emerging concept which has continued to gain moment in the past few years and is a result of technological advancement and the growing needs of the corporate world. It is a response to today’s competitive blood that wants to grow and learn and wants to be on par with the rest.

Today's workforce is always on the go and does not only require their learning solutions to be just accessible but a lot more than that. Gone are the days of rigid and one-way learning applications, today is the era of customized e-learning solutions, that is clearly taking the world by storm. It has clearly become the need of the hour or rather an indispensable part of the corporate world. This is the era of technologically advanced learning methods that make learning even more interesting and interactive. Every organization has its own unique brand value proposition and goals thus, general-purpose e-learning templates cannot make a cut. All these personalized and advanced learning needs have led to the emergence of custom e-learning course development which helps in bridging the knowledge gap. These e-courses have been successful in building managerial and technical skills in employees and have helped organisations keep their employees happy by giving them enough opportunities for self- growth and development and has therefore been able to keep the employees motivated to work.

To meet all the custom e-learning solutions needs, a lot of organisations have started offering specialised services of which MPS Interactive is one. They craft customised e-learning solutions that are specially designed to meet everyone’s learning and business needs. They use instructional design skills to analyse and design learning solutions. These enterprise learning solutions are process driven, consultatively designed and come with a wide range of modalities. Their design process is based on Analyse-Design-Develop-Implement-Evaluate ADDIE Model, along with Project Management and Quality Control that gives the desired custom e-learning solutions. The learning and development goals are kept in mind while developing all the custom e-learning solutions and their consultative design approach ensures that one achieves the business goals through an effective learning and development strategy. Their main objective is to help people identify their learning goals and hence offers an extensive range of modalities, such as gamification, blended learning, animations, micro-learning, and many more to choose from.

Apart from Onboarding, Imparting Knowledge and Compliance training, e-learning has other benefits as well. It has now become an engaging tool for retention of resources and helps the organisation develop its future leaders among their existing workforce. The more competitive a scenario, the greater would be the need for an organization to provide its resources with an opportunity to develop themselves with on-demand learning solutions. All this helps the employees meet their personal aspirations, along with the organization’s long-term and short-term goal, giving them an additional perspective and skill that they lacked earlier.

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