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Customized packaging candle boxes

For your candle boxes, GCP offers suitable solutions for printing and packaging. Our highly qualified team is specialized in the management of full packaging requirements. We set our packaging requirements par excellence, and at affordable rates, we guarantee the best solutions.


Unlimited design choices, colors, themes, and artistic patterns can be used to customize the cases. Regardless of your candle's size and shape, we have A-Z solutions that meet your needs. We give our customers complete rights to upload or pick their preferred print template from our large gallery for their work and prints. Premium printers are available on request such as gold/silver candle boxes, hot foil printing as well as high-contrast boxes.

On quality, we never compromise

GCP is one of the town's best producers of candle boxes. The key explanation for our success is that the quality of our goods is never compromised. We use strong long-lasting wholesale bowls with "insides" to support the packaging structure and to protect your bowls against damage, breaking, or cracking.


In addition to providing high-quality boxes, we constantly invest in the latest inks and advanced printing technologies, to make the process of printing simpler and the best print accuracy for our customers.

We're helping you keep up.

You can understand how much competition there is in this industry if you run a candle company. It's now becoming very difficult to keep your candles up with hundreds of brand candles on the store's shelves.


The best way to overcome the toughest rivalry is with the use of custom candle boxes – packing that catches people from guard. The easiest way to get noticed and to give the customer a lasting impression is to use elegant Candle Box packaging.

So if you are a distributor, you have to contact us and receive cheap candle boxes.

We provide exclusive gift boxes for candles

Candles give your beloved ones or special friends the best of the donations you can deliver. Giving a candle to someone in a small box does not make your gift any more valuable. You need a beautiful candle gift packaging box to make your donation remembered to the recipient and to give him/her an excellent unboxing experience.


We partnered at GCP with the best designers to provide you with the most comfortable and festive boxes to make a gift presentation impressive. If you want a special birthday note, a photo or something to be printed on the package, just tell us your needs and we will meet your requirements. Our team always exceeds your needs, which is why we are the leading printing and packaging service provider in the industry.

Why with our order?

We provide top-quality printing and packaging solutions at GCP that will most elegantly display your items. Each candle boxes wholesale is highly customizable and available in a range of forms, styles, models, and colors.


We take our respected customers very seriously and take extraordinary time to satisfy and satisfy their requirements. There's still our free help team to answer your problems and concerns. Knowledge of customer boxes can be obtained from clients by talking to our team of specialists and getting useful tips from our top graphics specialists team.


Apart from providing cutting-edge technologies for printing and packaging, our prices in the industry have been extremely low. We also look after consumers who have a low budget with unsurpassed and unparalleled facilities.

You can also obtain free shipping for your candle boxes with GCP. 

The consistency of the boxes in candles is first tested by our experts and then sent to you.

GCP delivers up to 100 percent customer loyalty, free delivery, free technical assistance, and a short processing period, as well as a low minimum order quantity. Contact us today, and in the personalization process, our specialists direct you.


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