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Cut the most amazing cake on your little son’s birthday!

Is your little hero already excited about his birthday? Has he told you what all to buy for him as birthday gifts yet? Is he planning to call all of his friends at the birthday party? When you plan to celebrate the young one’s birthday, you will certainly do the best of everything to make it a great one for them. A cake is undoubtedly the essence of a birthday celebration. And the young ones love their surprise cake the most. We may skip our own birthday celebrations but their birthdays are most special and are celebrated in a grand way. There’s a gathering of close ones, and especially, the young ones. So, ordering a cake at such occasions matter the most. The cake should be perfect in taste as well as its appearance should be eye-catchy and unique for the kids. Plus, kids just love to eat cake and there will hardly be anyone who would take a small bite. So, the size of the cake also matters here. If your kid is a little grown up and can speak up what he likes, then you can take their suggestion while picking the cake. But when they are too small to say anything or mixed up with their multiple choices, then it becomes a tough task to choose the best one for them. However, for such instances, the advanced features of online cake delivery help to a great extent. Sending and ordering cakes online is easy and fun with retailers like MyFlowerApp.Com. Now don’t get in the hustle-bustles of the city crowd to get the flawlessly delicious cakes but you can still send any cake to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, etc. Just order any of the following theme cakes online and have a wonderful day with your little munchkins!

Superhero cake

Every boy’s dream is to be a superhero. They adore and respect the brave superheroes. You can buy a cake in this theme for your Superman, Spiderman or Batman lover on his birthday.

Kungfu Panda cake

How adorable are the Kungfu Panda’s! And a cake in their shape and looks can really attract everyone in the party. You can try in the flavour of chocolate or vanilla or a mixed one. A fondant cake would look mesmerising!

Photo cake

Get a photo personalized cake with your little one’s photo or a family picture on the delicious cake. A photo cake is always a special one as it lets you cherish your memories on a significant day along with the cake.

Pikachu cake:

Pikachu is one of the cutest cartoon characters. Its bright yellow colour is so attractive and vibrant that it can be the centre piece of the whole celebration on the birthday.

Sponge Bob cake:

Sponge Bob is a classic yet trendy cartoon character. The square shaped yellow pineapple flavoured cake can just whoop up the celebrations!

Tom n Jerry cake:

The most classic cartoon character- Tom N Jerry are almost everyone’s favourites. Let your munchkins get drooled over the amazing looking cake and enjoy their birthday party just like the Tom n Jerry.

Doraemon cake:

Doraemon is the most trending cartoon character these days. Even a one year old knows how to say “Doraemon” and asks parents to play Doraemon on TV. Order this most favourite Doraemon cake on their birthday in the flavour of vanilla, chocolate or pineapple and let them have fun along with other kiddos.

Mickey Mouse cake:

Mickey Mouse cake can be one of the best options too. Red catches the attention of children first. They would just love to see the bright and colourful themed cake. You can order it in chocolate or black forest flavour.

Cars cake:

For the racer of your home, get a car themed cake and let his day be filled with fun and excitements.

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