Monday, December 11, 2023
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Cyber Security Trends in 2021 - Everything You Must Know

Today, all businesses, including small and large corporations, rely on computerized systems. These help them manage their activities. Those that have not utilized these systems are still joining one at a time. 

However, it has led to making cybersecurity a significant goal for safeguarding data through unauthorized access or attacks. The continuous change in technologies has also led to a parallel shift of cybersecurity trends because news of hacks, ransomware and data breaches has become the norm. 

Today, there are the top cybersecurity trends that you can talk about in your Youtube video for other tech nerds, just get YouTube watch hours and use them for your benefit. The trends we are going to talk about include: 

  • Automotive Hacking 

Modern cars are equipped with automated software that creates seamless connectivity such as engine timing, cruise control, advanced systems, airbags, and door lock. 

These vehicles will use WiFi and Bluetooth technologies for communication and thus be vulnerable to hackers. It is expected that gaining control of a car or through the microphone for eavesdropping will rise with automated vehicles. 

Autonomous or self-driving cars will use a complex mechanism that will need higher cybersecurity measures considered. 

  • Integrating AI with Cyber Security 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is available in the market segments and is a technology that combines with machine learning to bring tremendous changes in cybersecurity.

Artificial intelligence has been essential in helping build natural language processing, automated security systems, automatic threat detection, and face detection. 

However, AI is being used in developing smart malware. These are attacks that can bypass the security protocols that are put to control the data. 

Artificial intelligence-enabled threat detecting systems could detect attacks, and notify the admins regarding the data breach. And this could turn out to be the next cybersecurity threat.  

  • Mobile Target 

Mobile banking has become another cybersecurity threat. Studies show that there has been an increase in malware or attacks on handheld devices. 

It shows that your financial transactions, photos, messages, and emails poses threats to individuals. Smartphone malware and threats capture attention to cybersecurity trends. 

  • Cloud Vulnerability

Today, more and more organizations are establishing themselves on the cloud. Therefore, security measures will have to be monitored and updated continuously. This will help to safeguard their data from leaks. 

Fortunately, cloud applications like Microsoft and Google are equipped with security. However, the user end can act as a source for malicious software, phishing attacks, and erroneous errors. 

  • Data Breaches 

Most organizations across the world are highly concerned about the safety of their data. It is essential to safeguard their digital data. 

If a minor bug or flaw occurs in the system software or browser, it becomes vulnerable to hackers. They can take advantage and access personal information. 

Organizations are forced to put more effort into their systems to ensure they protect their data from hackers. 

  • Internet of Things with 5G Network

IoT with 5G networks could be the next cybersecurity trend. Some of the 5G networks have started rolling in the market. This has brought a new inter-connectivity era that has brought the Internet of Things into reality. 

The communication of multiple devices has increased chances for vulnerabilities from attacks, a software bug, or outside influence. Unfortunately, Google Chrome is the most used browser across the world but found to have flaws. 

This 5G architecture is a new technology that's still effective. It will take extensive research to find the loopholes for it to be secure from external attacks. So, the manufacturers must be strict to continue building sophisticated 5G software and hardware to prevent a data breach. 

  • Automation and Integration

Automation and integration is another cybersecurity trend. Data is multiplying every day, and automation is integrated to provide sophisticated control of the information. 

However, modern hectic work demand pressurizes the experts and engineers such that they are needed to deliver professional and quick solutions. So, this will make automation more vulnerable. 

Security measures have to be incorporated during the agile process. This will help build more secure software. 

In addition, large and complex web apps will be hard to safeguard. Therefore, automation will become a vital concept during the software development process. 

  • Insider Threats 

Human error is a leading cause of many data breach cases. This is something that has caused a lot of corporate loss in data. On a bad day, if something happens and there is an intentional or unintentional loophole, that could bring the organization down from the stolen data. 

Companies have to create cybersecurity awareness on their premises to prevent data loss in every way possible. 

Final Thoughts

These cybersecurity trends have continued to bring more fear to organizations. They have to do everything possible to keep their security measures intact. 

It's expected that companies will have to spend a lot of money to protect their assets. Infrastructure security for every organization is vital and could be a great starting point to cybersecurity measures. That's why skilled and experienced cybersecurity professionals are among the highest-paid employees in the IT field.

Daniel Zayas
Daniel Zayas
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