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Cyber stalking and its Prevention

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Computers and the internet are the modern means of communication. If communication through computers, the internet, and social networks or through other online public forums is done sensibly and securely, it can be extremely beneficial both socially and professionally. If you’re not careful, it can lead to numerous undesirable circumstances, and cyber stalking is one of them. When cyber stalking happens, you can’t put the blame on the victim, because the current online landscape has become so drastic and the people are targeted easily. For instance, nowadays, most of the social media users post or share personal information, share their feelings and desires, and even publish family photos and do many other things on social media platforms. This makes them vulnerable to cybercrimes like cyber stalking. So, there is a trend among many to get educated on cyber security. This has generated huge demand for online cyber security degree

What is Cyber stalking?

Cyber stalking is a type of cybercrime where the victim is stalked or harassed while using the internet. Cyber stalking can happen to individuals, groups, and organizations and can take different forms such as slander, defamation, and threats. The motives may be varied, but the usual intent is to control or intimidate the victim or to gain identity data for use in other crimes.

Cyber stalking is criminal harassment and perpetrated through electronic messaging. This electronic messaging can take the shape of e-mails, instant messages, forums, or social groups. The cybercriminal relies on the internet and keeps his/her identity secret while pursuing criminal activity. Of course, the messages sent by stalkers are different from spam messages because the content of the stalker message is more threatening. In the case of spam, the spammer just sends annoying messages. In the worst circumstance, this cyber stalking can be considered as an example of real-life stalking. In an actual sense, cyber stalking goes opposite to real-life stalking. The stalker starts from the internet to get an entry into the victim’s real life, using the information they have gained from the victim online.

How can you avoid cyber stalking?

  • Keep a low profile: Keep your online identity and social profile out of the reach of unwanted people. Maintain a minimum degree of privacy.
  • Update your software: Regular software updates can be important in preventing information leaks because they develop patch security vulnerabilities and make sure your information remains safe.
  • Hide your IP address: There are some applications and services that reveal your IP address to the person with whom you’re communicating. It’s undesirable and the IP address is linked to your personal data. The stalkers can take advantage of this. You can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to mask your IP address.
  • Maintain good digital hygiene: Maintaining good digital hygiene protects you from cyber crimes like cyber harassment, cyber bullying, and cyber stalking. Adjustment of private settings is the first step to clean up your accounts. Try to keep your social media profile clean from unwanted messages and comments.


•          Avoid disclosing sensitive information: There are people who have the habit of sharing personal information on social media platforms or by filling out questionnaires or submitting applications for coupons. Cybercriminals or hackers can take advantage of this. There are many advantages of pursuing online cyber security degree whether that is Bachelor or Master. Both of these programs are offered online by reputed educational institutions.  Learn more

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