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CyberArk Privileged Access Management (PAM) Administration

CyberArk is a robust defensive solution that enables the firm to meet its cybersecurity standards. Organizations do not need to invest in new technology or strategic planning assets while using CyberArk. Get this cyberark training to learn how to create and configure the Cyberark privileged security solution, gain proficiency in access control, cyberark security digital vault, LDAP integration, back and recovery details, cyberark components, PVWA, and CPM  installation,  user management, fault tolerance, etc. 

What is meant by Privileged Access?

“Privileged access” is a word used in the workplace to describe exceptional access or skills that go beyond those of a regular user. Privileged access enables businesses to secure their infrastructure and apps, conduct their operations more effectively, and protect critical infrastructure and sensitive data.

Human users, and also non-human users such as apps and machine identities, can have privileged access.

Humans can utilize privileged access in the following ways:

  • Account of a superuser: IT system administrators use this account to modify system or application configurations, adding or removing users, and delete data.

  • Admin account for the domain: A privileged administrator account that grants access to all servers and workstations in a network domain.

  • Account for local administration: A username and password are used to access this account, which is placed on an endpoint or workstation. It allows users to access and modify their local PCs or devices.

  • SSH (secure socket shell) key: SSH keys are popular access control protocols that allow users to get direct root access to important systems. 

  • Account for an emergency: In the event of an emergency, this account gives users administrative access to secure systems. It's also known as a fire call or a broken glass account.

  • Business user with privileged access: Is a person who does not work in IT yet has access to sensitive information. Someone who requires access to marketing systems, human resources (HR), or finances may fall into this category.



What is PAM?

PAM (privileged access management) is used by businesses to defend themselves against the risks of privilege misuse and credential theft. PAM is a cybersecurity approach that includes technology, procedures, and people to secure, monitor, control, and audit all non-human and human privileged activities and identities in an IT business environment.

PAM, also known as PIM (privileged identity management) or PAS (privileged access security), is based on the idea of least privilege, which states that users should only have access to what they need to do their jobs. The concept of least privilege is widely regarded as a cybersecurity best practice and a critical step in safeguarding privileged access to sensitive assets and data. Organizations can restrict the attack surface and decrease the risk of dangerous insiders or external cyber assaults that can result in expensive data breaches by applying the concept of least privilege.

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Privileged Access Management (PAM) Administration

The following three modules are included in the CyberArk Privileged Access Management (PAM) Administration.

1) Enterprise Password Vault (EPV)

Installing the Enterprise Password Vault is described in this section.

  1. CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault installation: Considering all of the factors and criteria outlined in the Privileged Access Security documents. If you already have the Vault installed in your environment, you may skip this step.

  2. Installation of CPM (Central Policy Manager): For passwords stored in the Password Vault, it will manage automated password updates.

  3. Installation of PVWA (Password Vault Web Access): Through a unique online interface, users may define apps and access, request, create, and manage privileged credentials across the company. Multiple PVWAs can be installed for high-availability or load-balancing purposes.

2) PSM (Privileged Session Management) solutions

PSM uses the technology of Vaulting to handle privileged accounts and provide complete video recordings and session audits of every privileged session for IT administrators on distant workstations, allowing enterprises to protect, regulate, and monitor privileged access to network devices.


PSM allows users to safely log in to access applications or remote machines (target) via a proxy server. The credentials for privileged accounts are never publicly disclosed to end-users or devices or their client apps during the established sessions on the target systems. The architecture of PSM enables IT administrators to protect privileged sessions that are sensitive while maintaining native procedures.

3) PTA (Privileged Threat Analytics)

CyberArk PTA is a security intelligence system for privileged accounts. By detecting previously undetected, harmful privileged user activity, the solution offers tailored, immediately actionable threat warnings. As the industry's only focused privileged threat analytics solution alerts users to the most dangerous threats: those targeting privileged accounts. By using unique analytic algorithms to a vast set of privileged account behavioral data, the solution provides highly accurate and immediately actionable information, allowing incident response teams to intercept and reply to the attack immediately.


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The above picture represents the CyberArk Dashboard which displays the visual representations of incidents and makes detecting odd behavior simple.



In this session, you have completed learning and understanding the basic definition of what is privileged access, and then privileging access management, and various administration functionalities in CyberArk PAM.


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