Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Dating can teach CXOs a lot about candidate experience!

Yes, you read the title right. Dating, relationships and every situation and observation that happens along the way can teach all of us a lot about business as it is all about psychology and understanding whomsoever you are interacting with be it employees, candidates, existing customers or prospects. 

But, dating is something that has surely been a part of most of our lives at some point or even now. So, for this blog, we picked the same to tell you the teachings it has in store for you when it comes to making the experience of your candidates great. Whether you call it speed dating or just dating, there is a lot to do & learn. If you are involved in hiring as a manager, recruiter or head, this can be very helpful for you. Let us show you how!

First things first, it’s quite a process

Just like dating requires time, efforts and a lot of meetings with different people until you finally find the one; closing a position also requires you to meet different potential employees. 

So, don’t think of giving up, sooner or later, you will find the best fit. And then the HR and payroll software would be there to help you save time in the rest of the process. 


Asking the right questions can make things far better

Consider the part of scheduling the first round of interview aka the first meeting as speed dating where you are basically separating the wheat from the chaff. To make sure you have done it right, you need to ask the right questions. Try using your minimum requirement criteria to form questions and know how good the candidate is. 

Making yourself attractive is a mandate

Slide- first dates are equal to first interview meet and create your very first impressions. We don’t mean to make you conscious but what you say, what you do matters a lot. When interviewing, make sure you know the vision of your company, what you believe in, how the work culture is. Tell them whatever makes you the most attractive, otherwise, just like in dating, here too, they must be having a couple of options to explore. Tell them what’s is in it for them if they chose you over others. Better make your best bet than regret! 

Ghosting is bad! Always communicate
When dating you end up clicking with some and not like a few at all. But ghosting is the worst that you can do to someone be it dating or sourcing. Whether you want to take things further, meet again or not, you should always communicate. Of course, be modest when you start working but don’t ignore every mail they share with you. Let them know if the next round of interview would be scheduled or not. While your payroll software is setting things in place for the new employees, consider reverting back to all the emails of the candidates who appeared for the position. 

Getting set up by friends can go well
Just like your friends set you up with their other friends who they think you can gel well with, at work as employers, you can ask for referrals. Not only does this save a lot of time and money for you but also gives you a better employee. Why? Because there are high chances that the referral would be the right cultural fit. It is so as employees would refer only friends who they find worthful for the role and also the ones whom they think would fit in easily and would like working in such an environment.

These were some of the ways we can connect dating lessons for you to improve candidate experience so that you can marry the best candidate to your organisation. After that, you can leave it to your HR and payroll software to auto-generate the CTC and get him/ her onboarded warmly.

Hope you found this helpful, but remember, no article can ever teach you more than your own experiences, let us know which one you related to the most. Also, how have your experiences helped you in ways other than the ones mentioned above, we would love to read!

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