De-cluttering tips while moving a house


Have you planned your move? Done with organizing the stuff that you wish to relocate? Appointed movers and packers yet?

Sorting out the stuff when moving is one of the most important things to do as it helps to reduce the overall moving cost along with converting your move into a stress-free activity. The longer the distance, the greater the hassles but the fact is there is no sense in taking all of your household items with you at your new place as it may unnecessarily increase your moving expenses. On the other hand, if you take all the items with you without even checking what is important then you may end up creating clutter in your new home. However, it is essential to declutter when moving to a new place.

In this article, I am sharing the ways to declutter while relocating to a different place by ensuring a smooth transition of the process.

So, if you are planning to shift your household items anytime soon then this is for you:

Check the usefulness of items: Checking the requirement of an item is an essential factor to look upon. It helps you to easily choose the articles that are meant to be discarded. If you use an item regularly, then you should take that thing with you for sure.

But if you have something that is not useful anymore, then you can get rid of it because it is not worth taking along also it will hold extra space that you may later utilize by storing other essential things.

Examine condition: Consider the current condition of your stuff, if the article is not in good condition, no matter how useful it is, you will have to throw it as soon as possible. It is not a good idea to carry a broken article and that too when you are asked to pay for it. The movers that you may appoint will charge for all the goods whether you find them useful or not. The fact, if you taking them along you will be charged.

Emotions and memories attached: Think about the value and emotions attached to a particular item that you have to relocate. Ask yourself, if the item is precious? At times, we possess certain memories with a product or thing which might be gifted or holds a special place in our heart due to any specific reason, in that case, no matter what it takes you will be carrying it along. The value of such items cannot be calculated in monetary terms as they have sentimental values attached. Thus, do not add them to your sorting list.

Shifting expenses: There are some conditions when due to the size or weight of the item; you may have to pay more for transporting it than its actual price. In such cases, Agarwal packers may help you out by providing an estimate of the entire move by examining all the goods. You can get the information on the price for each item and decide whether the price that has been charged is worth taking otherwise you can sell those goods.


Monetary value: Are you aware of the market value of items? Yes, you must consider the cost of the item as well especially when you are to sort the items out. So, if there is something expensive, you should take it with you. But in case if there is something inexpensive and is complex to be carried along then it is better to get off it.

Now if you are thinking about what you will do with such stuff then let me tell you, you can either donate or sell them and earn money.

Multiple items: If you have more than one item of the same type, then it is not a smart idea to carry all of them. You can simply keep the best one amongst all of them and discard or sell the rest. For instance, if you have two mixer grinders with you then you should keep one that is in good working condition.

Distinctive dimensions: Some items are oddly shaped and cannot be fitted to a new place that is not made according to it. And when it comes to moving, then you must avoid taking them with you. These items will not only increase the volume of your consignment but also they will create problems later as you might not find a suitable place or space to keep them safe. Instead, you can donate them to needy.

Antique items: You may have various antique pieces and throwing them is not a good idea as you have invested your hard-earned money in it. Many people are fond of collecting and securing such items. Therefore, you can carry these timeless, priceless, and highly precious articles with you for sure.

Expired goods: Well, some items have an expiry date. These are the ones that you need to immediately get rid of. There is no point in carrying them with you and when it about moving to a new house, it is a very bad idea to move such things with you.

Over to you

You are well aware of the fact that home relocation is extremely tough. It requires a lot of patience so that it can be converted to a feasible process. And sorting the things out is definitely a crucial part of it. This is one of the sensitive factors that you must keep in mind while planning to shift to any other place.

Rest Agarwal packers and movers will also provide you a list of the articles that are prohibited to be moved. The nature of such items differs from place to place but there are some items that are permanently not allowed to be shifted. Few of them are:

• Inflammable goods

• Filled cylinders (empty are allowed)

• Chemicals

• Kerosene

• Perishable items and many more

I hope the information will help you with your move in best possible manner. Be careful, be smart and have a happy move!