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Deadly Crimes: Murder and Manslaughter Defined

The value of human life is something that you cannot quantify. You immediately feel bad when you hear the news that someone you know has passed away. This is how impactful it can be on people and also why the law excuses no one when it comes to acts that result in death.

Whether you are in Los Angeles or Long Beach, reliable wrongful death attorneys are there to bring those responsible for such acts to justice. It will not bring back the life that has been lost, but these people need to face the consequences. Examples have to be made to avoid or discourage these wrongdoings.

Talking about acts that result in death is something that everyone should be informed about. This is the type of information that we all should know. Arming yourself with knowledge will help you defend yourself in the unlikely chance that you get into a complicated situation, or it can help you avoid it. Here, you will find out the different cases where death is involved.


Whenever a criminal case is heard, one of the main points of conversation is the motive. This is very crucial to the case and can be the main factor of the court's decision. As far as criminal acts go, committing murder is one of the most reviled ones, and rightfully so. This act is defined as someone being successful in killing or causing death to a person, with the intention of doing exactly just that. This is one of the capital offenses anyone can be charged of. With that said, this crime deserves the severest punishment that the state can bring down, which can be life imprisonment or death.

Attempted and Frustrated Murder

Attempted and frustrated murder are deemed as incomplete crimes. Although seen as a notch lower than the completed counterpart, the perpetrator can still be given a maximum of life imprisonment as punishment. As for their differences, an attempt is where the criminal is stopped from executing their plans to commit the crime. Frustrated murder is when the criminal is able to perform the act but fails to kill the victim.


Committingmanslaughtermeans that due to careless or reckless behavior, the perpetrator caused death to another person even if there was no intention to do so. This is something that could be completely avoided, which is why this is treated as a serious crime with serious consequences. The maximum sentence for manslaughter is life imprisonment

Voluntary and Involuntary Manslaughter

There are two types of manslaughter: involuntary and voluntary. The former is more akin to an accident, but the main factor will still be the carelessness of the perpetrator. Voluntary manslaughter is when the perpetrator was involved in a situation where their way of thinking was compromised and forced them to commit the act of harming another person. Some self-defense scenarios fall under this. For example, if you successfully disarmed a person you deemed as a threat to your safety and proceeded to kill them, this could be seen as voluntary manslaughter.

When someone dies at the hands of another person, justice must be served. But as you have seen now, there is much more to this than saying, "That person killed the victim!" There are various degrees of deadly acts, and knowing them will give you a better understanding of the law.

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