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Debunking Popular Myths About Divorce

Divorce can be a challenging experience for several people. However, it has been comfortable for a lot of people as well. Look up Milwaukee divorce attorneys near me to get the relevant lawyers for your divorce case. 

There are a lot of misconceptions and myths about separation and divorce. While many of them may not be accurate, let us debunk each of the popular divorce myths people believe. 

Myth #1: "Divorce is always disputable."

It is somewhat true that divorce is not easy to overcome, but this also does not mean that all couples going through a divorce will not cooperate on anything. A lot of cooperation and agreement are observed in divorce cases, including matters of custody, alimony, and division of assets. Couples going for uncontested divorces enjoy peaceful and cost-effective results and do not face the troubles of court hearings and dates.

Myth #2: "Adultery can make you lose everything."

Adultery only plays a significant role when the jury determines an equitable division of assets. Adultery cannot render you unsuitable to be a parent or affect the decisions about custody to a significant extent. Custody is based on preserving the child's interests and ensuring wellbeing.

Myth #3: "Mothers always gain custody of children."

This has been a common occurrence in some cases, but this notion is changing with time and age. Now the child's custody is granted to the parent most fit for caretaking. The parents' incomes and the relationship and closeness with the child are given more priority as compared to the gender of the parent in determining custody nowadays.

Myth #4: "Only women receive spousal support."

This is also an age-old practice and is merely a myth now. Alimonies were granted to women for their protection and support in a patriarchal society. Now, a lot has changed in terms of employment and income. Women are capable of supporting themselves financially along with their children, while men can be caretakers as well. Receiving alimony depends on the condition of the spouse.

Myth #5: "Divorces always end in court hearings and trials."

Couples must file divorce papers with the court, but this doesn't necessitate the court's intervention in deciding the issues following the split and division. Alternative dispute resolution helps discuss divorce terms in an informal setting with the help of a mediator. This is a significantly less time-consuming and cost-effective method than court sessions.

Myth #6: "Failure in paying child support can prevent you from seeing your child."

If you cannot pay child support for specific reasons, you can still visit your child. You have a right to visitation, and your spouse cannot legally stop you from meeting your child. Failure to pay child support can lead to penalties, but you still have the right to see your kid.

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