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Debunking the myths about the so-hyped lemon detox

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Have you been lately reading online and listening from your colleagues about the lemon detox? Are you inquisitive to know whether the lemon water detoxing really does wonders when it comes to cleansing your body and staying healthy?

As per estimates, it has been revealed that you don’t need to starve yourself the whole day and drink just lemon water to detox your body. The best way to detox your body is to sip enough water simply by keeping glass bottles for water handy or close to your workstation.

Before we debunk some of the myths about the so-hyped lemon water detoxing, let’s try to understand the concept of detoxing that is gaining so much popularity among fitness freaks these days.

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Detoxing of body or cleansing of the body:

Technically speaking, detoxification of the body means draining out toxins from the body which may appear to be the best thing to do to you. In our hectic life, we do tend to eat a lot of unhealthy food and most of us do wish to get rid of the contaminants from the body. These days, people are joining the bandwagon to cleanse their body with the lemon water detoxification.

But just take a moment out of your hectic time and think do you really need to just have lemon water and eat nothing for several days to get rid of the toxins present in your body.

The main idea to give your digestive system some rest by not eating food won’t ever serve the purpose. Rather you will start feeling weak in a couple of days.

What are the impacts of the detox on your body?

As per many studies, it has been found that detoxification means not giving your body required nutrients and calories for some time period which in turn results in doing nothing good to your body but just makes you feel more fatigued.

What should be done to cleanse toxins from your body?

You don’t need to punish yourself in the name of detoxification or cleansing of your body. Lemon water detoxification kind of fad will come and go so stop following everything that you see online. There is nothing good than plain drinking water.

We before mentioned that you should drink plenty of water by sipping it from your glass bottles for water so that you stay hydrated throughout the day. Generally speaking, drinking adequate amount of fluids helps your kidney and liver to release toxins and cleanse it from time to time. For this, you have to always ensure you drink somewhere around 8 to 10 glasses full of water.

Wrapping up

It goes without saying that water constitutes the major proportion in our body. Hence, drinking enough water would be sufficient to cleanse toxins from your body and stop incorporating lemon water detoxification in your routine as it won’t give you any health benefits. However, we would recommend you to make use of the glass bottles for water instead of using plastic ones.

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