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Declutter and Organize Your Home for Summer

We spend years stuffing around the corners of the house and storage rooms with yard sale shopping sprees and festive decorations. Some festive decorations are used every year and some are forgotten beneath the clusters. Clusters and unorganized materials consume a lot of space and it appears that you have several things in possession. Well, maybe you do and maybe you don’t. For finding out what you possess, decluttering your house every other year is important.

The after results of decluttering your house is satisfying unless you create a bigger mess than it already was.

Decluttering is simple but requires a step to step processes to avoid further disorganization of your possessions. Here are a few tips you can use for an easy and quick technique of decluttering. 

Emotional struggle:

The first issue that comes with decluttering is the emotional struggles to let go of some of your memories. While sometimes, we want to cherish those memories for one last time, we spend so much time dwelling in it that eventually day has become dawn and we are sitting in a clustered mess on the floor. It is important to prepare yourself emotionally for decluttering. One of the secrets of decluttering is that your memory possession is in the closet because it doesn’t mean to you that much. You can go without it for years until you finally see it again and this secret applies to most of the things in the storage. Do a quick dive and do not stop at everything to dwell in the memories. Check and discard.


Creating boxes with each category helps with organization. You can create 3-4 or more boxes as it suits you. Stuff to throw, donate and sale and fourth could be of recycling if required. The sub boxes can be festive decorations you want to keep in one place.

Throw, Donate and Sell:

Whenever you think that you might need this specific thing, remember that everything in the storage is there for a reason: you don’t use it anymore. Throw everything that doesn’t work, is outdated. Sell out moderate condition things and donate everything that is good but not in use.

Compartments in Categories:

After the long and hard process of dividing the things, you intend to keep and rest give away. You need to sort out your compartments in categories. Whether you want to keep all the lights in one place or do you want to keep it festive. For better comparison, you can install a few more shelves and label everything. While going through comparing you can also do a second round of decluttering for more space.


After everything is in boxes and cleaned up you need a way to keep things organized for a longer time. By prioritizing what has the more probability to be used in the future you can avoid disorganization. The things most likely to use comes in front and the least likely will go in back. You can also prepare a list of what things are out of your sight and at the back for future convenience. 

If your decluttering is getting on your nerves and it's all out of control then you can also reach out to professional services such as those of Bond Cleaning Brisbane. From general cleaning to annual spring declutter or home evacuation decluttering all services are provided.

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