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Decoding the “Color Schemas” of Premium Job Posting Platforms


So currently you are thinking, how a job posting portal can be linked with color gradient!
But, trust me. It can be!

If we talk about in the context of engineering, then it consists of various shades that take place in four years graduation course. From an amateur student to a spirited graduate - these 4 years have different shades and tints of classes, learning sessions, practicals, semesters, and so on. Thereby, it is just like colour gradient of numerous shades.

Forwarding to life after engineering, it all starts with new life of employment. Again initiation of multiple gradients! Also, it starts from a learner (white shade) to a full-fledged professional (red shade) with a shining triumph.

On top of the note, the free job sites bridge the gap between engineering graduates and top employers. These resources have trademark credibility and productivity.

As a matter of fact, here is the advocacy of these portals:

An employment entity can use free candidate database and analyze a particular candidate to check whether he/she is eligible for the role.
A job aspirant can unlock the potential of free job listings according to his/her profile and can apply for those.
In my opinion, above two snippets define what an online job marketplace is.

Now, coming to the main topic, how are these job sites related to “shades of colors”?

Let’s deliberate.

Overpowering tough market of recession (black color of difficulty)

Recession is touching each corner of the world. And, in such difficult times, it is quite difficult to hunt for your desired job with deserving salary. On the flip side, it is also quite difficult for companies to get the perfect candidate.

So, these engineering portals provide option to post free jobs and help several job-seekers in engineering fields.

Finding dream job or candidate of choice (green color of reliability)

These search engines come up with job listings in different domains of engineering so that a candidate will find his/her desired profile and apply for the relevant jobs. At the same time, the companies will have liberty to select a candidate according to their firm’s requirements.

So, credibility wins at both the edges.

Accessible and affordable platform (orange color of easiness)

Just internet and a device (PC/Laptop/Phone), just two things are required to find a job or new employee for your organization.

Frankly, internet is accessible from anywhere in the world and it won’t damage your wallet. These job units offer online job postings so that anyone can have easy access and without investing an extra single penny.

A good way to professional career, don’t you think so?

Full Professionalism and financially optimistic (blue color of trust)

Professionalism is akin to “engineering”. Although, it is inseparable from each job profile, engineering is specifically defined by it.

Here, you are in good place. These job platforms advocate full professionalism and define sets of rules, policies, instructions etc. corresponding to the niche of engineering. A good way to start!

Further, as a job-seeker, you will get a deserved salary according to your skills, knowledge, and experience. No biasness! No bogus politics! A fair decision is there at both ends.

Confident to start career or work ahead (brown color of confidence)

These portals act as a boon for engineering graduates and for the recruiting companies as well. Without an iota of doubt, it helps in developing self-confidence and determination to do something big and to achieve something high.

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