Decorative Concrete Ideas for Design and Durability

Decorative Concrete Ideas for Design and Durability

The general opinion that concrete surfaces for outdoor spaces like pedestrian plazas and sidewalks are dull and grey is going to change forever thanks to innovative companies like Pavement Surface Coatings. Concrete and asphalt in public areas can now virtually take any color, shape, and texture through new age polymer based concrete materials like Endurablend.

The main reason that concrete is the feasible option for decorators, builders and buyers is its affordability. Yet no one can make out that concrete is a cheap material from its look, feel and effect. The decorative surfacing of concrete has led to immense popularity in areas that have high footfalls such as airport runway and taxiway surfaces, bridge decks, sea walls, and bus and bike lanes.

Here we will list out some of the advantages of using decorative concrete

  1. The preferred choice of decorators

Decorative concrete overlaid with the help of Endurablend offers a dual blend of aesthetic appeal and amazing durability. Such materials provide the option of creating various textures and colors and hence are the perfect choice for creative outdoor space decorators like Pavement Surface Coatings.

  • Unlimited range of designs

As concrete can resemble luxurious stones there is an unlimited range of design, pattern and textures that can be applied with the help of the ultra-thin Endurablend.

  • Easy development process

One of the advantages of concrete is that it can be developed into any kind of color, shape, and texture with few simple processes using decorative concrete. By adding mixtures and compounds to the original concrete mixture, a good texturing can be created. To bring out the best and most genuine designs in concrete floorings, it is recommended that you consult a professional designer or an expert.

  • Snow plowable

In heavy snowfall, the process of plowing snow can lead to cracks or disintegration of the concrete surface. With the Endurablend layer on top of the concrete surface, the ground becomes immensely snow-plowable, without any harm to its aesthetic appeal

  • Low maintenance

Unlike other concrete surface treatments, the cost required to maintain decorative concrete is minimal. Therefore, it is a lucrative solution for widespread public areas like crosswalks, sidewalks, airport runways, taxiways, and for bike lanes.

  • Applicable to Solid surfaces

The major advantage of decorative concrete is that it can be applied to any solid surfaces outdoors like asphalt or concrete. This is done while enjoying the benefits of weather durable materials. Many surfaces used by cars can get covered with salts and oil spills for many reasons. The use of a good polymer based concrete like Endurablend ensures that the surface remains undamaged from the presence of salts or oil spills on the road.

  • Saves on cost and Labor

In any construction process especially those involving roads and highways, the increase in the benefit of saving on material cost and labor can be important. Since this construction uses decorative concrete solutions in stylish and trendy colors, finishes, and textures for the concrete surfaces, the ROI on such treatment will be manifold.

It will keep the road surface safe from skidding. It will provide an immediate boost to the visual appeal of the public area. It can withstand high car and foot traffic. It can also be applied in any patterns and texture as needed. 

  • Safety

An oil spill can lead to skidding, un-plowed surface can get the snow to cause skidding. Such issues will not happen when you apply a good quality material like Endurablend. The ultra-thin surface coating will provide a high friction surface that prevents skidding and avoid road mishaps.

  • Applicable on various outdoor surfaces

These decorative concretes are useful in various outdoor applications such as Airports and safety surfacing, bridge decks, traffic calming, Friction surfacing treatment, bus and bike lanes, and sea walls. The sheer versatility of the decorative concrete surfaces is a major plus point to go for it

Bottom Line These were the key advantages of decorative concrete surfaces. Get in touch with a professional installer like Pavement Surface Coatings. They are highly skilled and courteous. They will do their best to ensure that your logo or design is installed as quickly and as efficiently as possible.