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Dell s2719h worth it

Dell's S2719H is a 27" display that shows 1080p resolution. It has an IPS panel and comes with a 3-year limited warranty. The Dell S2719H is the perfect size for upgrading from their smaller, less crisp screens. This monitor will show you every detail without any blurring or distortion of images on the screen. 

1. What is the Dell S2719H

The Dell S2719H is a 27-inch monitor that provides an excellent viewing experience for buyers. The screen's high resolution makes it perfect for buying, as photos and videos will be clear and crisp to view. Easy connectivity options make this display great for office work, especially with the ability to connect two devices simultaneously via HDMI or USB ports. Additionally, buyers can use Picture-in-Picture mode to have one device displayed on the main screen while another is viewed in a smaller window on top of that image. 

2. How much does Dell S2719H cost

Dell S2719H is a 27-inch monitor that has many features that buyers will enjoy. The sleek design and the adjustable height make it easy to move around your office or home. With this monitor, you can get everything done on one screen without having to switch between multiple devices constantly. This Dell product comes in at an affordable price tag of $376 for those looking to save money while still getting a quality item.

3. Pros and cons of the Dell S2719H

Dell has been a top seller of computers for years. The Dell S2719H is one of their newest monitors with many benefits and few drawbacks. 


  • 27-inch monitor
  • vivid colours
  • 1920x1080 resolution 


  • price point is high compared to similar monitors on the market.

4. Why would I want to buy Dell S2719H monitor

A Dell S2719H monitor is a great option for your first gaming monitor. This product comes with a 27-inch display, which is large enough to see everything without squint on smaller screens. It also has a response time of 1 millisecond and an adjustable stand so you can sit comfortably while playing games or watching movies. If you're looking for the best monitor under 300, this one would be it.


If you're looking for a monitor that will fit nicely in your home or office, the Dell S2719H 27-inch Monitor is worth considering. This monitor has an IPS panel and comes with many options to personalize it for your needs. The pros of this product include its high resolution and color accuracy, which make it perfect for graphic design work. The cons of this monitor are that there is no USB hub available. Still, the ports support HDMI 2.0 connectivity, making it easy to connect peripherals like keyboards or mice.

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