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Denim Vs. Leather | The Battle of Jackets

Leather and denim are materials that have been dominating men’s fashion since decades. Along the years they have been styled in various ways. Brands have molded these fabrics into everything from bags and shoes to dresses and pants. Still, the clothing they are most favored as, are casual jackets.

But we are curious to see which of the two fabrics can bear the title of World’s Jacket Champion. They stand head-to-head in popularity therefore we must look into other attributes to determine the winner. Let us enter this exciting battle between these jackets to see who can earn the winning title.

First Round: Versatility

This round is focused on the variety of ways denim and leather jackets can be styled. For this section, it seems like they would be matched equally. Both jackets can be paired with a button-down shirt, formal boots, and a watch for a smart outfit. And when it comes to casual, they can be dressed down with a t-shirt and sneakers.

However, to do a proper analysis we must dive in deeper. Leather does have some qualities here which allow it to rank higher than denim. Leather jackets can be worn with any type of jeans and they look great. But when it comes to denim, you certainly can’t wear it with a matching blue jean. An outfit like that is called Canadian Tuxedo and is not all on the trendy side. Can denim rise from this downside?

Certainly, because it can go very well with jeans of any other color apart from blue. The top contenders for that are white and black jeans. But other contrasting tones like dark green, brown, and charcoal look appealing as well with a blue denim jacket. Or if it is in any shade that is different from the jeans.

But on the other hand, leather comes in a wide range of jacket styles. There are trench coats, fatigues, flight jackets, and biker fashion. Some are crafted especially for formal wear like café racers and blazers. This makes the leather much more versatile in comparison to denim. Hence the winner of the first round is leather!

Second Round: Cost

Denim might have the upper hand in this category as it costs much less than leather.  A good quality denim jacket can usually be had under hundred dollars. While a leather jacket would at least cost you somewhere within five hundred. But does that make denim the winner straightaway? Clearly not. Denim is far less in durability than leather. The latter might be expensive, yet it will stay with you till the end. Especially when you take proper care of it. Therefore, the winner for round 2 is again...leather!

Third Round: Maintenance

Leather has so far been in the lead. But can it still continue on being the champion? That is yet to be seen. The leather is extremely sturdy but needs protection from harsh weather. Both rain and heat can be harmful to it. You need to oil it and properly store it to make it last. And it cannot be washed normally. It can only be cleaned by hand or professional cleaners.

Denim certainly has an edge in this department. Denim jackets can be laundered easily in the washing machine and hung up to dry. The only thing you need to be worried about is the shrinking factor. That can be avoided if the jacket is washed in a cool cycle without being tumble dried. Or else just dried on the coolest settings. For this round denim gets a fair win!

Fourth Round: Weather

This is going to be a crucial examination of both leather and denim jackets. Which of them can stand against wet, hot, and cold environments?

Leather can be excellent protection against strong winds and stays warm in chilly weather. Particularly if the jacket has a sheepskin or soft polyester lining. But it is not that suitable for hot climate. It gets uncomfortable and sweaty if you wear it while it's warm.

While denim is comfortable and breathable in hot weather like the finding ohana white denim jacket. And when it is cold outside you can be extra snug in a fluff lined denim jacket. So, when it comes to temperature, denim jackets can be worn all year round.

But for rainy weather leather definitely tops denim. The latter can get waterlogged and takes a long time to dry. Leather can resist water naturally and also come with a waterproof coating. Judging from each of these qualities we can say the vote goes both ways this time. This round is a draw.

Final Verdict

So, the time to decide the winner is at hand. And all the results point to…both leather and denim! Because each has definitive qualities of being stylish, comfortable, and valued outerwear. For a huge variety of denim jackets reach out to Wilsons Denim. We specialize in the highest quality material at the most affordable prices.


Michael Hussey
Michael Hussey
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