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Dental Bridge or Dental Implant? – A better alternative!

Missing Teeth! A problem generally faced by elderly people.

Having missing teeth causes a lot of problems such as no proper nutrition, jawbone loss, damage to the gum line and it also has aesthetic concerns attached.

The solution to missing teeth has developed a lot in the last 3 decades or so and today people suffering from missing teeth have an advanced and permanent solution to it. Two of the most widely used solutions are – Dental Implant & Dental Bridge.

If you visit a dental clinic nearby, your dentist will probably give you the solution as mentioned above. There are certain questions which only your dentist can answer such as – Which of the two options suggested is better? Which is the right treatment for you? But there are certain pointers you can know before going for any of the two.

Dental Bridge is the most widely used option which was for a very long time was the only option for missing teeth. But with the advancement in dentistry Dental Implant emerged as the permanent solution to missing teeth. Going by the progressive changes and treatment modality Dental Implants are a better option and the most preferred choice.

So what is the basic difference between the two? Can it be said that one is better than the other?

To answer let us first understand what is a dental implant and what is a bridge?

A dental Implant is a metal screw which is surgically placed into the jawbone. It works exactly like your natural tooth. Dental Bridge, on the other hand, is custom made especially for a particular set of teeth. As the name suggests it literally bridge the gap between the missing teeth. It is made up of two or more crowns.

So now the question comes off which is better? To answer this one need to consider the following situations:

If a single tooth is missing

For a single missing tooth, Dental Implants are the ideal solution as they do not make any changes to the adjacent tooth. In Dental Implant procedure a metal screw is placed beneath the gums to restore the tooth. While for dental bridges enamel of the adjacent tooth is trimmed and a dental bridge is then placed on the adjacent teeth as well. But if the adjacent teeth need a crown or filling then having a dental bridge will be more beneficial than a dental implant.

If durability is the concern

Dental Implants are the permanent solution to missing teeth and provide lifelong strength to your teeth. Because it uses metal, the chances of decay and gum problems are zero. They gel naturally with your gums and are a viable solution to missing teeth. Dental Bridge, on the other hand, does not have a long-lasting life. Because it does not have any support beneath, the chances of its wear and tear are more.


Maintaining Oral Hygiene

Since Dental Implants functions exactly like your natural tooth, the process of its maintenance is also similar. Just follow the basic dental hygiene routine of brushing, flossing, and rinsing. This will ensure the safety of your Dental Implant. Because bridges are made of three crowns attached to each other the simple technique of brushing is to be done with care. They are mounted on your gums therefore, they demand extra special care.


A Dental Implant not only functions like your natural teeth but also look exactly like your natural teeth. Only an implantologist specializes in placing Dental Implant, as a result, they make your teeth look exactly like your natural teeth. Bridges have three crowns attached together hence, the chances of them not giving the natural look are higher. If the bridge is placed at the back then it has no aesthetic concerns attached, however, if the issue is with the front teeth then they might look artificial and give such appearance. More so, you can even consider mini dental implants services in Windsor as an option.

Cost Incurred

Dental Implant is a one-time investment for a permanent missing tooth. The initial cost of Dental Implant is generally more than that of the bridge but once placed do not require any further cost. Dental Bridge, however, has lower cost in comparison to Implants but is not a lifetime investment as it is required to replace dental bridges in 7-8 years. With insurance options available today nothing seems as a costlier affair.

The option to go for will totally depend on the issue raised and what solution would one like to go with. Whatever said, the final decision should only be taken after consulting your dentist. And if you want to have any further detail on Dental Implant then do visit a dental implant clinic  nearby. The Implantologist is your right guide for the same

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