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Dental Marketing Services: are they really helpful

Dental Marketing Services

Everybody does online marketing these days. All you need is an Internet connection and bang!, you can put “Entrepreneur” in your Facebook profile.

The problem is, can these services actually deliver results? And since we’re talking about the dental niche, can a dental marketing agency actually get more patients for your practice?

And if the answer is yes, how do you know which agency is the “legit” one?


To these questions you’ll find the answer in this article.


So, if you’re interested in marketing your dental practice in order to get more patients and want to know how to choose a dental marketing company that can actually get you results, read on!


What services should a dental marketing agency provide, in order to get you more patients?

There are a lot of online marketing ideas that can get your results. But there are some specific ones that work very well in the dental industry.


Here’s some of the key services you should look for before hiring someone to take care of your dental practice marketing.


1. Google Ads or Dental Adwords

This platform can get you more patients starting from tomorrow! It’s really easy AND fast to set up a campaign. You can do it in an hour for a basic campaign.


The good part of this platform is that you attract only visitors who are actually interested in dental services.


For example, you can show an ad on Google only to people who are searching for “dental implants in Colorado”.


And there’s something more.


You pay only for results. If someone clicks on that advertisement, you pay a certain fee to Google. If no one clicks on your ad, you pay zero.


2. Facebook Dental Ads

The golden rule in marketing, no matter if we’re talking about dental marketing or any other type, is this: if you want to convince anyone of anything, you first have to get their attention.

And where is everybody’s attention right now? Social Media, right?


This is why Facebook dental marketing services are crucial to your overall practice marketing strategy.


Plus, the advantage of this tool is that you can laser target your audience.


For example, you can show an ad only to people in your area. Or you can narrow down even further. You can show an ad to moms in your area, who are between X and Y years old.


Is is better than Google?


Not quite. Because Facebook doesn’t know when someone has a toothache or not. So, with Facebook you’ll also reach people who aren’t yet ready to visit you.



3. Dental Remarketing Ads

Most people that come to your website won’t end up your patients. This is because people rarely take action right away. They like to study their alternatives, to compare prices and last, but most important...they like to delay things.


Here is why remarketing is so important.


Remarketing simply means that you can show an ad to people who visited your website, but didn’t end up completing a form on your website.


You can then retarget these people with additional useful content like more information on a particular service, or a case study, or some testimonials etc.


You can do retargeting both through Google And Facebook.



What questions should you ask before hiring a dental marketing company?

There’s a lot to take into consideration before hiring a dental marketing agency or a dental marketing consultant.


But here are some key questions you must get an answer to.


  • What is their #1 marketing objective? Do they have one?

  • What is their dental marketing strategy? They should have a concrete plan with key objectives AND deadlines for each of them.

  • How do they measure results? No matter if you’re a dental office manager or a practice owner, you should know if your money is well spent.

  • What are their long term strategy and their short one? They should have both.


These questions will basically give you a pretty good idea if they know what they are doing or they are some amateurs.


So, next time you meet with a dental marketing company, make sure you get the answer to these questions!


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