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Dental Practice Insurance Options

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Dental practice insurance can cover a wide range of different products to suit both your practice and your employees so it's important you get the right advice

Initially look for a firm that has dento-legal advisors. These are professionals who not only understand the law but also, specifically, the law around dentistry. They can fit and recommend policies that suit your practice and its bespoke requirements. You should also consider working with a company that will provide you with contractual cover. This is different from discretionary cover in that it protects you in the event of a non-payment of any claim against your practice. Claim Occurrence indemnity is also vital as this protects you not only when your policy is current but also in the future for any claims against incidents that happened when you were insured.

Below is some interesting information on Dental Practice Insurance Cover you may never have known you need.

Cyber Liability Cover

If you suffer a cyber-attack on your business the results can be devastating. Protect yourself and your practice with Cyber Liability Cover. This will cover not only third part information theft but the loss of revenue, data corruption and subsequent data rebuilds, patient financial cover should their payment details be compromised, practice closure and much more. In these days of online fraudsters looking for information, and dental practices are common targets, you need to have this policy as standard included in your Dental practice insurance policy.

Dental Legal Specialists

You need to ensure that you can receive advice from practising dentists who are also experts in the legal side of dental insurance cover. This saves you hours of wasting your valuable time talking to people who simply do not understand your business and how it works. They talk your language and get you the cover you need right from the start.

Practice Overhead Insurance

Have you ever thought about how illness or injury could affect your dental practice? What would happen if, overnight, you lost productivity through long, or short term, absenteeism?

Get cover that provides a locum straight away and gives you a tax-free grant to cover your losses.

Hands & Eye Insurance

Much like a footballer has their legs insured you need to have dental practice cover for your important tools, your hands and eyes. You need to be covered in case you suffer an injury which means if you were temporarily, or in the worst-case scenario, permanently stopped from practising.

It’s important to know that your cover will throw a blanket over all your employees be they, dental professionals, locums, practice owners and employees. A fully comprehensive dental practice insurance agreement is a must in this industry so make sure you check you have this cover from the start.

Medico-Legal Insurance

Crown Indemnity Cover will protect most medical professionals working in the NHS but you also need cover should you have to deal with regulatory issues such as ones that may arise with the GMC or GDC. These can be expensive and run into many tens of thousands of pounds. Make sure that your dental practice insurance cover also includes GMC hearings, Investigations, contact disputes and fitness to practice hearings.

Dental Nurse Insurance

Most dental nurses are under the impression that the surgery insurance will cover them for any eventuality, but this is sometimes not the case. It’s vital that if you want total peace of mind that covers you as an individual from negligence and litigation then you should investigate the idea of this extra cover. This is also the case for dental hygienists, dental therapists, orthodontists and dental technicians.

We do hope that this has been an interesting look into the world of Dental Insurance for both individuals and dental practises. Thanks for reading.

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