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Get an Edge in the Business Arena and Design your Own Mobile App

You have probably received an email from a supplier to introduce their custom mobile app and it does raise an eyebrow when you see a business striving to make best use of available tech. Aside from the prestige factor, building your own mobile app brings with it many powerful features, which we examine in this article.

What are the benefits of designing and building a business mobile app?

Sales & marketing

Let’s start by looking at marketing; you can create rich ads and deliver them to your customers’ screens, giving you a direct marketing link to their inbox. Seasonal promotions and customer loyalty bonuses can be incorporated into the app, while launching a new product also demands attention. Engage your customer base on a regular basis with direct ad delivery. Talk to one of the mobile app developers Melbourne businesses use and find out more about app design, build and cost; an app developer would be happy to share a Zoom call to talk about the potential that a mobile app provides your business.

Employee section

Employees can access a password protected section that contains HR data, they can book annual leave via the app, plus you can send servicing information to your engineers in the field. Your HR department (or agency) can make best use of the app to provide employees with essential data, while also gaining valuable worker feedback. All health & safety memos can be sent via the app and you know when an employee opens the message, which ensures everyone is on the same page. Details of important meeting can be sent via the app, which means you no longer have to send emails, if you prefer using the app.

Payment Gateways

If you experience delays when customers settle their accounts, you can make the process easier by offering numerous secure digital payment gateways, which really helps the customer. It also helps your cashflow, as customers can easily pay an invoice with a few taps of the screen.

Servicing & maintenance

If your business offers customer support, a mobile app is a valuable asset that connects service staff with customers; booking a service call couldn’t be simpler via the app and that minimises your business processes. This is something you might want to add at a later date, which is always possible; a mobile app is much like a website, in as much as it is never finished, but is a work in progress and the app can be expanded as your business grows. Click here for website re-design tips if you want to boost your web traffic.

Appointment booking

If you run a business whereby customers make appointments, a mobile app is perfect; doctors, dentists, vets, physios and other healthcare providers find this very useful and the system can be connected to your online appointment network, seamlessly updating and synchronising in real time. Car repair workshops can enable their customers to book a slot from the mobile app and that allows you to delegate staff to other tasks, making the best of your HR.

Cyber security

It should be noted that app developers use the best cyber-security when building apps for their clients; click here to learn more about cyber-security from the Australian government. Much like a website, a mobile app needs to have top cyber-security in place to deter hackers and this brings you and your customers peace of mind.

If you would like to talk to a mobile app developer, start with an online search to find the website of a leading Australian mobile app developer and you can book a free Zoom call to discuss the many options.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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