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Designing the Perfect Dream Home: A Guide

Designing and building your own home can feel like a dream come true. Not only will you own the house, but you have the luxury of being able to sculpt, plan, and design your perfect space. While this is a very thrilling endeavor, it doesn’t come without its challenges or complications. This is especially the case if you’rebuilding a house for the first time.

Bearing that in mind, below is a brief guide on what to keep on your radar as you embark on designing your perfect dream home.

Start Simple

Rather than overwhelm yourself with spectacular designs, try to start simple and build up from there. Begin by sketching out your home on paper and planning the look and shape of the house with your partner or family members. It can be easy to skip the basics, but keeping things simple and starting at the drawing board means you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary stress.

Write Out a Detailed Vision

Once you’ve completed the basics, it’s a good idea to outline your vision. This is your dream home, so you need to know whyyou’re doing it. Elements to explore as you plan out your vision could be:

  • The future: How long do you plan to live there? Is this a forever home or one you’d like to sell one?
  • Growth: Will your family size increase, or is this for you and your partner? Will you eventually want to increase the size of the home with extensions and add-ons?
  • Features: Plan out your desired features and what you ideally want in each room. Are you aiming for something simple and natural? Or is your dream to have a home that’s technologically kitted out? And what about functional areas like the bathroom? Have you always wanted a giant rain shower room? Planning your features is vitally important before you start the build.
  • Lighting: While this might seem like something to leave until the end, it’s important to think about how you want light to fill each room. Do you want large windows? Or skylights? Which direction will the house face?
  • Spatial planning: What kind of lifestyle do you have? Will you want lots of open-plan rooms to socialize in or keep an eye on your kids? Visualizing how you will use the space is an important element to review.

Use 3D/Architectural Visualization

When you’ve mapped out your plans and your detailed vision, it can be a good idea to hire an agency such as Cloud 9 Visualisation who can produce a 3D architectural rendering to trulyshow what the house would look like. Blueprints are all well and good, but computerized renderings go a long way towards turning your ideas into highly detailed visualizations that look true to form.

Hire the Right People

When the planning stage is over, you’ll want to hire the right people for your build. While this seems obvious, many people don’t invest the time to research the company and people who work on the build. Having the right people is vitally important because you want to ensure they will carry out your carefully planned out vision to the best of their ability and not scrimp on quality or cut corners. Ask around or check out reviews before you just hire the first result that pops onto Google.

Building a dream house requires all the care and attention you can give it. The above guide can help start you on this wonderful adventure of living in the home you’ve always wanted.

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