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Designing Your New Living Room

Home will always be where the heart is? Transform your home into the haven your heart deserves, beginning in the living room! Here are some fun and easy design tips guaranteed to have you swooning over your new space.

It’s design adventure time! Don’t know where to begin… we’ve got you covered. Everyone knows that comfort is king and the epicenter of any great living room is its seating. Effortlessly express your inner design diva with a little help from Four Hands sectionals. Four Hands puts styles and materials from around the world at your fingertips. Whether it's brassy glamour or the warmth of mid-century modern design tickling your fancy, you’ll find it here. Let your heart lead the way to a sectional sofa destined to be the inspiration for your space.

Once you have found that must-have seating… tap into your inner design ninja! Let your newest addition guide you to the perfect wall color. Bring in subtle tones from your latest acquisition. For a calming, light and airy vibe lean towards soft shades. Energize the space by touching on a bolder scheme. If you are looking to make a few happy memories in the process… it’s paint party time! Invite your besties over, roll up your sleeves, get those paint rollers out and order a pizza.

Right about now your room is already humming with the glow of a much-deserved makeover. But wait! It’s time to accessorize. Give the room a solid scanning over. Assess for functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. Make a list of must-haves including possibilities such as a coffee table, side tables, reading nook, accent chairs for entertaining, rugs, and lighting needs. Once you’ve got your list you’re ready to go shopping. Following a few simple guidelines will make choosing the right pieces a snap. Play with contrasting elements. You’re the chef, and the recipe calls for diversity in ingredients. Metals, wood, silky satin, smoked glass, shaggy rugs, stone, and velvet all compliment each other. Have fun mixing and matching! Plan for functionality. Be sure to add lighting elements evenly throughout the space. If you’re a book lover, add your favorite reads to a side table by a comfy chair. If your fetish is for knick-knacks, install ample shelving to let your collections shine like the treasures they are!

Almost there! The finishing touches are the icing on the cake. Living in your new space for a few days will give you time to connect with the incredible atmosphere you’ve created. Let it sink in. How does it feel? Is any area feeling empty or overly cluttered? Don’t be afraid to rearrange. A soft throw draped over the sectional, colorful accent pillows for the chairs or flowers on the coffee table top off the masterpiece. All that’s left now… is to sit back and enjoy the sweet fruits of your endeavors.

With these things in mind, your new living room should be able to exceed the grandest of your expectations. I wish you good luck with your exciting new living space. 

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