Top 6 Must-Visit Destinations for Luxury Travelers in 2020


Going on a holiday is the perfect time to relax, unwind and enjoy your free time, but it can also be a wonderful opportunity to try something new and treat yourself to an exceptional experience this year. From the most beautiful landscapes in the world to a high-class service unlike any other, the aspects that make luxury holidays unique truly offer the best of everything, allowing you to experience an absolutely incredible and undoubtedly memorable vacation. So, if you’ve decided to go on a high-end holiday this year, here are some of the best luxury destinations for 2020 you simply must visit:


Feeling the opulent history in London

An excellent choice for a luxurious urban getaway, London is an astonishing historical city filled with stunning architecture, fashionable boutiques and world-class attractions. Rich in history and culture, the city is home to luxury hotels that have been running for decades and even centuries, such as The Ritz, The Savoy and Dorchester, all of which provide their guests with regal grandeur and the most exceptional service imaginable. Is there really a better place to feel as royal as the Queen herself than in the heart of London? From luxurious bars and lounges serving the most exclusive whiskeys in the country to beautiful royal residences and some of the most gorgeous gardens in the world, London is a city filled with elegance, grandeur and style.


Living the European high life in Paris

Being synonymous with high fashion, style, fine wine, and luxury experiences, Paris is the perfect choice for an opulent vacation in 2020. Whether you want to taste the marvelous French cuisine in a number of Michelin-starred restaurants, book a VIP tour of the most iconic museums and breathtaking palaces, or even rub shoulders with the rich and famous during Fashion Week, Paris truly offers endless luxurious experiences suited to every type of high-end traveler. What’s more, the city is dotted with a wide variety of opulent hotels with top-notch spas, indoor pools and world-class gyms, all located in the center of the city, allowing you to truly live your life à la parisienne, at least for a little while.


Yachting the beautiful Montenegrin seas

Even though its neighboring countries tend to get more attention among budget and luxury travelers alike, Montenegro’s glistening seaside ports and rugged, untouched mountains, along with the most delicious Mediterranean food, make it an incredibly desirable destination for an indulgent holiday in 2020. What attracts celebrities and millionaires from all corners of the globe to this beautiful country is most notably Porto Montenegro, an expansive and absolutely stunning yacht marina where travelers dock their vessels or even charter private yachts for trips around the Mediterranean. Along with high-end clubs and restaurants, the destination also offers some of the best luxurious apartments available for rent in Montenegro with gorgeous views of the harbor, exceptional residential services, and a completely unique community spirit.


Experiencing the height of luxury in Dubai

Home to the world’s first ever seven-star hotel in the Burj Al Arab, Dubai is arguably one of the most opulent cities in the world. Whether you decide to go on a desert safari, dine in the tallest restaurant in the world, shop for designer outfits in luxurious malls, go on a private yacht tour, or even try a 24-carat gold ice-cream, Dubai is there to make all of your wildest dreams come true. Always aiming for the tallest, largest, flashiest and the best, Dubai truly has endless luxurious experiences to offer for every type of traveler.


Encountering true paradise in the Maldives

Being the epitome of luxury for most, the Maldives are as close to heaven on Earth as it could possibly get. From white sands, turquoise waters and the most unique scuba diving experiences to charming bungalows with glass bottoms seemingly floating above the sea, the islands truly offer some of the most decadent experiences in the world. The Maldives have a uniquely relaxing atmosphere that always give you a feeling that you’ve actually managed to escape from everyday life, which is why it comes as no surprise that so many five-star hotels have appeared all over the region on their own private islands, allowing you to have a truly peaceful, pampering and indulgent holiday worthy of a royal.


Relaxing on heavenly beaches in the Seychelles

When thinking about some of the most beautiful places on Earth, the Seychelles are undoubtedly going to be on top of everyone’s list. From lush green rainforests home to unique flora and fauna, to crystal clear seas and awe-inspiring white sand beaches, the islands truly feel like tropical paradise. Calm and secluded, the Seychelles are dotted with luxurious resorts offering private pools and heavenly spas that are simply made for indulgence. However, one of the most popular ways of exploring this gorgeous archipelago in 2020 seems to be going on a luxury cruise around the islands, which will allow you to fully take in the beautiful views and enjoy the breathtaking surroundings.

Evidently, luxury can be found in a number of different forms and styles all over the world. The only question you need to ask yourself before you opt for one of these incredible high-class destinations is: What does luxury mean to me?

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