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Develop These Seven Strategic Thinking Skills to Succeed

Strategic thinking is the ability to look into the future of your task. You should think about what would happen for the present work in the future and how to apply vision for the present work. In brief, you must consider the performance today in a short-term business environment and long-term as well.

It is a critical part of the job and important to change the mindset. It will help you to address the pressing demands of work, absorb data related to industry trends, know the drivers of your organization’s business,understand the multi-faceted market, proactively plan and conduct the work or build a network.

If you have a packed schedule and do not have much time to think and reflect, then this article is for you. If you get focused on the immediate business to-do list, then you are certainly missing the big picture. You should think like a business strategist for your personal growth and business growth too.

Here are ways for you to become more innovative and forward-thinking.

Ways to improve your strategic thinking skills

A few of the important ways to improve your strategic thinking have been highlighted here.

Build new relations

Strategic thinking is hard when you work in a silo environment. It reduces fresh ideas and innovative thinking. Find opportunities to learn from colleagues, no matter if they are not from the same field. You can always volunteer to collaborate with them and know other aspects of the business. Broad knowledge of the business helps you to connect the dots, have a bigger and fuller perspective and think strategically.

Ask questions

You should never get happy with the status quo. Questioning helps to shape the perception more thoughtfully and strategically.It is necessary to think again the day’s work and consider whether it could have been done smarter. In addition, questioning others would help you to realize different business vista and strategy framework. Uncover new opportunities and keep your thinking ability sharp.

Never stop learning

Technology and innovation are the daily ingredients of business today. New developments are happening every other moment and your strategic framework should fit into it. Think relevant by being well-versed in compliance issues, new regulations, trends, and the latest technologies. Be proactive and keep learning.

Think many ways

Strategic thinking requires divergent thinking and convergent thinking. It is recommended to follow Edward De Bono’s sic thinking hats to reflect different types of thinking. The six types include:

  • Green hat: new possibilities and ideas
  • Red hat: intuitive feeling
  • Yellow hat: positive and optimistic feeling
  • White hat: data collection
  • Blue hat: thinking
  • Black hat: judgement

Keep your mind flexible for these six types of thinking through regular practice. Be aware of prejudice and own bias.

Think new

The strategy involves thinking and execution as well. As you think differently and accumulate more ideas, make connections with it. Step out of your work station and experience the world. Experience new things, places, and people. Taking a different way back home by visiting a new park or restaurant is also fine to keep your mind alert. New ideas and opinions help to think of new strategies.

They say the best strategic thinkers are T-shaped. The stem represents deep understanding whereas the bar on the letter ‘T’ represents the breadth of knowledge. Draw new experiences to think new.


Increase the pool of ideas by discussing with different people, clients, introverts, extroverts, and colleagues. Encourage people’s ideas. This will help you to get new ideas, strengthen relationships and build trust.

A strategy framework framed by the pooling of ideas creates a new culture in the business.

Make decisions

The real value of the strategy could be realized when you execute the ideas. Use time, money, and resources mindfully. A sound decision would help you to become a better leader, future-proof business, and achieve long-term success.

The endnote

Not all think strategically by birth. It is an acquired skill through research and experience. Develop and practice the skill of strategy. Be the go-getter to lead a successful life and business. 

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