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Diabetes and Lifestyle Modifications That Can Help

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Diabetes has become a common problem in today’s masses. Earlier it used to be a problem of the old age but now, even the children are affected from it. To start with, we must know that there are two types of diabetes, the first one is Type 1 diabetes mellitus and the other one is Type 2 diabetes mellitus. The problems and management associated with each type differs to a great extent. Here is how the two types differ from each other:

  • Type 1 diabetes mellitus: It generally occurs in childhood. In this there is no production of insulin in the body and therefore, the body cannot provide glucose to the cells. It can cause severe problems and the patient remains on lifelong medications.

  • Type 2 diabetes mellitus: It is the adult form of diabetes mellitus. In this, there is resistance to insulin and the cells can utilize the carbohydrates to gain energy. It begins from 30-40 years of age and then the patient is on lifelong medications. However, lifestyle modifications can help to manage the problem to some extent.

For the problem of diabetes, there are certain levels of blood glucose that must be maintained:

  • Normal blood sugar should always remain less than 140mg/dl 

  • Fasting blood glucose should be between 70mg/dl to 110mg/dl

  • Post prandial blood glucose should be less than 140mg/dl

Sugar level above 140mg/dl at any time of the day means that the person is hyperglycemic and has diabetes mellitus. However, this is not confirmed just by one check of the blood glucose and, tests like urine test, HbA1C etc. are used to determine whether the patient has diabetes mellitus. Other than this, blood sugar level below 70mg/dl is dangerous. It means that there is no glucose in the body and if it remains so for a long time, the brain cells can die. So, it is always advised to monitor blood sugar level and keep something sweet with yourself if you are diabetic. 

Lifestyle modifications to manage diabetes

  • Managing weight: It is very important to manage weight within limits. Obesity is the major risk factor for diabetes mellitus. If obesity runs in your family, then you are prone to get the disease and for that, you must exercise enough to keep the weight in control. The diet must include nutritious food which is rich in carbohydrates and proteins and low in fats. Brisk walking every morning and evening is necessary.

  • Cutting down alcohol and smoking: Minimizing alcohol and smoking is the first step towards cutting it down. Alcohol is the root cause of many diseases including diabetes. Hence, the person must cut it down in order to be free of the problem of diabetes mellitus. 

  • Staying stress free: Some people have neither of the above mentioned risk factors, but they tend to remain very stressed which can post to be a major threat towards the development of diabetes mellitus. Hence, in today’s fast paced world, it is very important to stay stress free. For that, you can join some recreation classes, yoga or meditation. Talking to friends and relatives might also help. Enjoy your time by listening to music and reading your favorite books.

  • Hereditary: Some problems are hereditary like diabetes. Yes, there are more chances for you to be diabetic if it runs in your family. Such a risk factor is unavoidable but, you can still minimize the risk by following a healthy lifestyle and staying happy and fit. 

According to an estimate, every 2 out of 5 people are affected by diabetes mellitus all over the world and this is quite a concern. Diabetes mellitus has become a worldwide problem and although management is possible but it has no permanent treatment. The patient remains on medications lifelong and if not maintained properly, the quality of life can alter. So, when a patient is diagnose with diabetes mellitus, it is very important that he has full support of his family and friends. They play and important role in supporting him and helping him getting through the problem. 

Lifestyle modifications can play an important role in helping the patient maintain his health and well-being. Dealing with your food is the best thing to begin with. You can do this by eating healthy snacks in between, there should be no 3 meals only and taking snacks in between must be made compulsory. You may also prefer to eatmore natural and low-carb foods rather than food sources with prepared sugars and fats. It would also be helpful if you keep a sweet with yourself always. People with diabetes have a chance of suffering from hypoglycemic attacks. Such attacks are not good because they include what is dangerously low blood sugar, it can be below 70mg/dl, it can be 40, 35 mg/dl, it can be anything. Such things must be stopped.

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