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DID numbers worldwide

Direct inward dialing numbers, or DID numbers, allow businesses to establish a local presence in any country or city, which is especially useful for UK companies that have to make regular calls overseas as they only have to pay at local rates. DID numbers can be configured in VoIPBusiness so that calls are forwarded to your IP PBX, smartphone or deskphone anywhere is the world.


Save on roaming and long-distance calling


DID numbers allow you to save on international roaming costs and you can make an receive calls anywhere in the world at local rates. This allows you to stay in touch with your colleagues and customers at any time without incurring the huge costs often associated with roaming.


The rise of employee mobility


With the trend of employees using their own mobile devices there has been a dramatic rise of the use of the corporate cloud. Businesses have moved away from traditional communications and are now using multiple DID numbers to connect with their staff and customers.


Advanced telephony on your mobile device


DID numbers are fully integrated into our hosted IP PBX platform. Your business can establish an international presence with advanced features such as auto-attendant, call waiting and caller ID and all you need do is update your phone's SIP settings from your user account.


London calling Dublin at local rates


Let's suppose you are based in London and making regular calls to Dublin. To reduce your monthly phone bill, you simply purchase a Dublin DID number. You would then avoid costly STD rates and instead be charged at local phone rates.


Cloud Phone Service Features


·       Free Trial


VoIPBusiness deploy your small business VoIP and assist you to configure it to meet your requirements. We also help you to setup your phone system apps.


·           No fixed contracts


VoIPBusiness service is offered on a month-to-month basis with no lock-in contracts. Add or remove lines, extension and numbers at any time or cancel it all at any time if things change.


·       Web based controls


Log into the web-based portal to manage your phone system features including menu based incoming call routing, internal extension transfers, conference calling, voicemail control, hours of operation management and more.


·       Full reporting


Detailed call logs are provided on request so you are able to see data about incoming and outgoing calls made to and from your business. Invoices are also clear and well laid out for simple processing.


·       Use on mobile & PC platforms


All phone controls including making, receiving and diverting calls are completed within the PC or mobile phone app making for much more intuitive functionality. The cloud solution means that you can operate without problematic old handsets.


·       Port your existing number to us


Your existing phone numbers that are controlled by your telco can be ported across to VoIPBusiness platform so you can continue to use pre-existing business phone numbers.


·           Full PABX functionality


All your typical phone system features are available including;
- menu based "digital reception" for incoming calls
- setup incoming calls to ring on different lines until answered
- change your "hours of operation"
- auto-forward an extension to another
- voicemail and hold music
- centralised phone directory searchable by all staff 


·       UK based


Support and accounts staff are all based in UK to ensure the best service levels and all data and call history remains within UK borders to protect your privacy.


·           Video conferencing


Setup audio and video conferencing as and when needed on your PCs or mobile devices to allow for online meetings.



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