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Did You Know this is Why Traveling is Good for You?

Everybody says that traveling is good, it’s awesome, and on top of that, the moments you spend while traveling are the ones you cherish for your entire lifetime. Even experts have a strong opinion about the positive and enthralling impact of traveling on your health, mind, body, and soul. It has been said that when you find yourself engulfed with a ton of dilemmas, questions, and predicaments and seeking an escape, traveling might be the solution you are seeking. Without a doubt, the benefits traveling offers for your health are no secret but did you ever wondered how exactly the changes will appear to you? Let’s dive in to find the answer:


1. Improved Mental Health and Stress Relief

We all have heard that extreme stress is the worst thing that could happen to a person. And we all have had those moments when the stress took over our mood and emotions and make them both swing uncontrollably. It blocks any positive thoughts from getting out and multiplies all the negative ones in an exponential way. And when I was on a tour of heritage walk in Jaipur, that was exactly my moment of realization that traveling is a miraculous herb for stress. Psychologist all around the world says all the time that our mind always stays in a defensive mode. Whenever it sees a problem, it presents it to you in a bigger size. And all that, just to make one scared so one doesn’t do any destructive decisions.


Traveling makes one analyze the surrounding, life of other people, and the challenges they are facing. As a result, one’s own challenges suddenly start to feel smaller. After participating in adventure activities in Jaipur while my tour, I thought that why I was being so stressed over on such a trivial matter? Why I have wasted so much time? And that’s how one’s stress starts to fade away slowly but continuously.


Traveling does so by weeding you out of your daily, monotonous, and boring routine. It pushes your bounded imagination in the beautiful surroundings. Soon enough, your body and mind realize itself in an entirely new environment and begin to crawl out of its cobweb of a self-made pile of problems and stress.


You will be amazed to know that just the thought, discussion, and planning to travel somewhere has the fantastic scientific capability to temporarily boost bliss, and a feeling of achieving a gift, a reward. On the additional note, the habit of traveling is known to expand and boost the status of one’s mind. While traveling, a person usually meets new people, he adapts his body and mind to be fit in the new environments, and the new him turns out to be a person who is more aware of his surroundings. He becomes a globally and culturally aware person instead of a loner. As a result, some changes could be seen in his personality such as a sharp mind, personality growth, a positive attitude, and creativity.


According to the way you travel, you would be able to see a significant lift in your physical wellbeing as well. Travel can whip you up into a good shape. If you have been a couch potato all your life, then how about planning to go to a place that has lots of opportunities that requires physical strengths. For instance, if you choose a destination that includes a lot of long walks, short but brisk walks, hiking, trekking, rafting, bicycling, and on top of that, mountain climbing, be sure to see yourself in the mirror after a month and get surprised.


The best thing about traveling is that you will never feel that you are doing so much manual labor. It is the beauty of traveling. You can sweat all you want, climb the highest peaks, walk for kilometers, and yet, you will enjoy every bit of it. Each step you take in your trekking will be filled with a dose of powerful excitement. If you are unfit, don’t ever plan a lazy trip where you will be getting 4 Samosas in your bed every day.


Take traveling as an opportunity to do what you have never been able to - fitness and strength. There are places to travel in the world which requires you to walk for 15000 - 20000 steps in a day. And seriously, what could be better than that? So, if you are feeling stressed and looking for a solution, a one or two-week travel plan may be the solution you should go for. No one is entitled to stay in one place all his life right?

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Vinod Kumar
Vinod Kumar
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