Diet Methods to Consider for a Healthy 2021 Renewal


This year, more than ever, we will be putting the past behind us, moving forward and making the most of the moment. We all want to feel healthy and happy in 2021. For many, this means undertaking new diet and lifestyle plans. Everyone has different needs and goals, so look for a sustainable and workable program that can be effective in achieving your specific goals. Here are some diet methods to consider for your 2021 renewal.

Plant Majority Flexitarian

If you have considered vegetarianism or veganism but are not quite ready to completely exclude meat or chicken, try the Flexitarian diet. This method focuses mainly on plant-based eating, but allows small quantities of animal products, such as well-sourced and free-range meat, poultry or fish. A majority of protein consumption comes from plant sources, like pumpkin seeds, almonds, peas and hemp protein. In addition to the health benefits, this diet is better for the environment because the focus on plants leaves a smaller carbon footprint than animal products. 

Thrive Experience

Many people seek more than just weight management. They are looking for a whole wellness plan. Thrive Experience is a healthy lifestyle plan that promotes cognitive performance enhancement and physical improvements. Along with weight control, Thrive supports better digestion, joint, muscle and immune function. The program delivers a combination of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics and amino acids in a three-part process of capsules, shake mix and a patch. The capsules and shake are taken once per day, while the patch is worn around the clock. The patch employs dermal fusion technology to deliver the unique mix of natural ingredients directly through the skin. This delivery method is somewhat non-traditional, but the possibility of Thrive side effects is no greater than with other natural supplement options. 


If one of your goals is to improve heart health, then DASH, which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, may be the right choice. This diet focuses on reducing sources of high sodium and unhealthy saturated fats. You are also encouraged to decrease consumption of red meat and alcohol. The method works to lower blood pressure naturally by limiting these foods and eating whole grains, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and proteins. Exercising for at least two and a half hours per week is also recommended as part of the heart-healthy DASH diet program. Although the primary goal is to improve heart health, nutritional and fitness aspects may help with weight loss as a secondary benefit. 


The Mediterranean diet is a way of eating that focuses on the traditional foods of regions bordering the sea of the same name, such as Southern France, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy. It involves a balance of food rich in lean proteins, vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains and even some red wine. Proteins are typically fish, nuts or legumes, rather than meat. Olive oil is another staple of the diet. Numerous studies provide evidence linking the Mediterranean diet to reduced instances of heart disease, diabetes, strokes and cancer. It is also known to have positive effects on brain health, life span and mood. Weight loss is not necessarily a primary aim of the diet, but by focusing on healthy fare over highly processed and sugary foods the Mediterranean diet can help with slimming down and leads to better health in the long run.


Like the Mediterranean-based diet, the Nordic diet revolves around eating foods commonly found in modern-day Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. Heavily concentrated with fiber and seafood, it emphasizes using sustainably farmed and locally harvested products. Foods consumed include whole grains like rye and barley, vegetables, fruits, potatoes, nuts, seeds, fish and low-fat dairy. Game meats, free-range eggs, cheese and yogurt are eaten in moderation. Red meat and animal fats are rarely part of a meal, and sugar-added foods and beverages are not allowed at all. Canola oil is the main healthy fat. The Nordic diet has been associated with helping to lower blood pressure and insulin levels, as well as contribute to weight loss.

Whether it is weight loss, heart health, mood boosting or some other goal, find a diet or lifestyle plan that will help you attain a happy and healthy 2021.