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Dietary Requirements for Kabaddi Players

To produce professional success in most sports, players must adhere to strict dietary guidelines. There are no exceptions in kabaddi and soccer. Even though they are both team athletes, they have entirely different diets, with each aiming to develop physical characteristics associated with the respective sport. The key variations between the kabaddi and soccer diets are listed below.


The amount of calories that players must eat is where the disparities begin. An average person takes up around 3,000 calories per day, while world-class kabaddi players intake around 8,000 calories per day. It's also been raised to 12,000 by some players. On the other hand, professional male players eat about 3,400 calories a day on average, according to the statistics on a fantasy kabaddi site. As can be said, the diets for soccer and kabaddi have distinct dietary criteria in terms of the volume of food that must be consumed.


For all activities, the food has a distinct structure. Ghee or butter are the main ingredients in the kabaddi diet, supplemented by a chicken and mutton diet. However, in the western variant of the kabaddi diet, players usually eat eggs, juices, cornflakes, or oats for breakfast. The goal is to have a low-fat, low-calorie lunch. Aside from that, fruits such as apples are consumed nearly three times a day. 

A diet like this is meant to help you grow the body you need to play kabaddi. An excellent soccer breakfast, on the other hand, will consist of a bowl of oatmeal or porridge (sweetened with dried fruit or honey), 3-4 slices of whole meal bread toasted with a small amount of butter/olive oil spread, jelly/jam, a glass of fresh fruit juice (not concentrated), piece of fresh fruit, and simple yogurt.


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In both soccer and kabaddi diets, physical exercise and schedule are unquestionably essential. A typical day for kabaddi players begins at 6 a.m., with a daily routine of jogging and simple stretching exercises. These athletes are required to calm their muscles in a swimming pool in addition to their daily kabaddi practice. Soccer players begin practicing at 8 a.m., and their diet is highly influenced by the amount of training they are doing at the time.


According to some studies, professional athletes, including those who practice in heavyweights, may need more protein. For muscular endurance athletes, the recommended dosage varies from 1.2 to 2.0 grams per kilogram. According to research, more protein than this has little value and can be dangerous in the long run.

Another thing to remember about kabaddi and soccer diets is that understanding and knowledge of the game are needed for a diet to succeed and produce results. Exercises, as we all know, are meant to absorb the energy provided by food. To apply own physical characteristics correctly, the player must see the game in some way. It is also highly advised that you see professional athletes and pay attention to their diet and fitness tips.


Kabaddi is viewed as a conventional game, and most players have a place with humble foundations. Subsequently, their dietary patterns are socially affected. There is additionally a common conviction that since they trudge it out on the tangle, the players can reserve the privilege to eat anything they desire since they can make up for it.


The game calls for spryness, great lung limit, strong co-appointment, common sense and speedy reactions. For a solitary player to take on seven rivals is no mean errand, requires dare just as a capacity to focus and expect the rival's moves.


Kabaddi players intake a lot of calories and eat a one-sided diet consisting mainly of milk and toast. A soccer diet is lower in calories and more universal, focusing on fruits and vegetables and a mix of calcium, carbonates, and hydration.


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