Difference between Commercial and Residential Man and Van in London


Shifting can be a stressful process. There are a ton of things to do and without proper management and a secure way to haul away all your stuff it can result in loss of time and resources and leave you with damaged goods. Just like shifting a house, shifting an office securely and efficiently needs the help of a professional team. There are many companies that are offering the services of man and van in London . You can hire any to provide you with these services.

Although it may look like both commercial and residential removals are a similar kind of job, the truth is because of the difference in the type of furniture and appliances and the load of the thing needed to haul both jobs are a bit different and require different teams. While some are dedicated solely towards residential moving, some are dedicated to commercial removals, and there are a few companies that can offer you both of the services.

How do these services differ?

The team required for a removal project comprises skilled workers who are responsible for packing, project managers, and organisers a group of haulers and a team that transports the goods. Here are a few reasons why the experience of the residential moving team might differ from the experience required for a commercial team:

Load of work:

Due to the fact that an office accommodates around 50-100 employees on average a load of work required in commercial removing is quite huge when compared to a residential removing. Therefore, the commercial removing demands more manpower for the job. Whereas, when it comes to the domestic move, they do not have to hire many operatives.


Most businesses that hire you are open at daytime and on weekdays and will require you to do the job as fast as it can be done. The deadlines are short, which makes it more difficult. A good company can provide with a professional team on your required time, and they are skilled and resourceful enough to finish the job in record time.



The management team is responsible for providing with the resources and a timeline to work on. A good management team is essential in a commercial removing process. A good team is one which can work with others efficiently and thus the job of good management in removing companies is to carry out a detailed survey before packing and moving and provide a risk assessment in coordination with the client’s management team to be certain that they can cover every aspect of the job.

Although man and van in North London get paid as they have to finish huge projects in a short time, the cost of running such a business is also high due to the resources required. This is the reason many companies prefer residential moving projects only. To find a company that offers a quality service in the provided time with the safety of your goods guaranteed it important to research a bit about the company you are going to hire. Visit the sites of the different service provider and ask for a free quote, generally, a good agency will want to evaluate the nature of the project before giving you a quote. Choose the one most suitable for your job.

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