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Difference Between Countertop Microwave and Built in Microwave

Countertop Microwave and Built in Microwave

In this age of technology, there have been many technological advancements in which there are communication devices, industrial equipment, home appliances and much more just to make our complicated life much simple and easy.

In-home appliances there are also many technological advancements such as refrigerators, cookers, toasters, and microwaves, while on microwaves there are various types of microwaves but the main two are countertop and built-in microwave.

These are the main types that scramble the heads of the consumer which one you should buy. Well, it is upon you to decide which one you should buy and which would be a better option for you.

What are Countertop Microwaves

They are microwaves that can be placed on the top of the kitchen counter as the name suggests.

They are more commonly available and cheaper regarding the built-in microwave ovens, but that may depend on the feature and power consumption of the microwave meaning a microwave packed with more features will be more costly so it is up to you which one would be better.

These types of microwaves are best and vital options for those who shift houses frequently as they are known to be versatile and portable, they even don’t require installation cost they just need a wide ample space and an electric outlet to be placed in the kitchen.

What are Built-In Microwaves?

Built-in microwaves as I said to require less kitchen space but the feature of versatility is removed from them, as they are fixed in one place and cannot be moved frequently.

With that said, they also require a proper ventilation system to exert the combusted air while being expensive, they also have a high maintenance cost thus again making it expensive.

They are fitted in the walls or cabinets to provide a much modern and clean look to your kitchen so, if you worry about the kitchen look then this would be the best option as it only adds functionalities while having the same functions as the counter-top microwave.

Similarities Between Countertop and Built-in Microwave:

  • Mainly both have the same functions.
  • Both are essential and heart of a kitchen.
  • Both are used for the same purposes.

But the main thing between them is their differences you can say both are siblings but, in My opinion, the Built-in microwave is a big brother and countertop microwave is the elder sister.

Differences Between Built-in and Countertop Microwaves

1- Price:

Compared to the counter-top the built-in microwave is very expensive when buying not only that it is also expensive in installations as it requires a proper duct and cutout space to fit while that it also needs a proper exhaust system to exert the fumes and combusted air.

2- Versatility:

There is no versatility in a built-in microwave as they are adjusted and fitted into a wall or cabinet, but the plus point with Countertop microwave is only its versatility as it can be carried anywhere anytime, it just needs a perfect spot and an electric outlet.

3- Design:

The design of both the microwave differs from each other as a Countertop microwave oven is more boxed and smaller which is good for heating food and other features, but the Built-in microwave ovens can cook, bake, toast and much more thus having more space with a different design.

4- Features:

While counter-top microwave can heat your cooked food and defrost your frosted items while compared to Built-in microwave as I said before it only adds functionalities in a Countertop microwave.

It can be considered as a semi oven as it can bake, toast, heat, roast and much more.


When buying a microwave oven, you should consider your required need and them take a big step in investing in a microwave as they run for a long time whether they are Built-in microwave over or Counter-top.

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