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Difference between custom detail and full detail

A car is an asset, and therefore it is essential to take care of it. Car care entails regular repair and maintenance, such as cleaning. There are many car cleaning options that you could choose, the best one being auto detailing. Car detailing, alternatively called auto detailing, entails cleaning and restoring the non-mechanical components of the vehicle to be as good as new.

Before we dive into the difference between custom and full detail, let's understand what car detailing entails.

Process of car detailing


When washing, you should use the two bucket contact wash method. In this method, you fill one bucket with the wash solution while the other is filled with clean rinsing water. It is advisable to use a car washing shampoo with a low pH and a microfiber towel. This wash is done to remove grease and any other dirt present on the exterior body. The washing also exposes any scratches or dents that may be on the surface.


It would help if you used a blower for the drying process. Alternatively, you can use a microfiber towel as it serves the same purpose. After that, you can apply a clay bar to your car to remove any remaining contaminants. This is followed by the application of post-clay spirits that remove any remaining clay residue. 


Before polishing, you have to inspect your car for swirls and paint imperfections. You should only go ahead to polishing after you find the swirl marks. Using your buffing pads, you should perform good detailing.


Application of a wax or sealant to the polished paint is vital to making it last longer.

Interior detailing

After being done with the exterior, you focus on the inside of the car next. Removal of any germs or bacteria is through vacuum cleaning, carpet mat cleaning, and upholstery. Afterwards, you can add an interior trim protectant that does not leave behind a sticky residue. 

Odour removal

Starting with the seats, the detailer performs vacuuming, steam cleaning, and conditioning. this is done to get rid of bacteria and other contaminants. Fabric seat covers are moved for cleaning and then fitted back. On the other hand, seat covers made of leather undergo conditioning with a specific focus on the joint between the seat and backrest, where you are likely to find more bacteria. The awful smell in the air vents is removed by vent detailing technique. Additionally, in most cases, the carpet is full of stains and bacteria, making it necessary to clean. 

Difference between custom detail and full detail 

After understanding the process of car detailing, the next aspects of understanding are the various types of auto detailing. The two most common types are custom and full detailing. They vary in the restoration process. Below is an insightful piece of information about the two types of auto detailing.

Custom detailing

Custom detailing is an automotive restoration process that gets rid of other techniques that are conventional in detailing. This is because you might find your car reasonably clean at that time, and therefore, you opt for a less labour-intensive process. Even though some procedures are not included in the detailing, it is still comprehensive as both the interior and exterior of the car will be cleaned. It involves processes like vacuuming, dusting, pressure rinse, and shampoo wash. With the reduced steps, it will cost less than the full details. However, the pricing is not constant.

Full detailing 

Full detailing is an advancement of custom restoration as it adds other steps to make your car look as good as new. Technically, it is a complete revitalisation of your vehicle. The target areas of the detailing are exterior paint, chrome trims, interior surface, seats, and carpets. The full detailing is mainly done in case you are considering selling your car. This will significantly increase the car's resale value. 


Car detailing is meant to restore the initial condition of your vehicle. It involves exhaustive cleaning processes on both the interior and exterior areas. The car detailing is categorised into custom and full detailing. Custom detailing is less labour-intensive since it has fewer procedures. On the other hand, full detailing encompasses a complete revitalisation of the body works and car interior. 

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