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Difference between economy, premium and business class flight?

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You may be a bit confused about the differences between economy, premium and business class seating. There are some things that are the same between them like more legroom and extra perks like unlimited alcoholic beverages, early boarding, and spacious seats but other offerings are a bit different.N ow we’ll break it down for you so that you know exactly which ticket to book for your next travel adventure.


Generally speaking, in economy class you’ll get a seat that takes you from point A to point B. There are some differences however, the most noticeable of which are seat width and pitch (legroom). Pitch can vary from 28-34 in and width from 17-33 in. While these few inches might not seem like much now, when you’re in that seat for 6+ hours – they matter! Other factors that may vary are power outlets, Wi-Fi, food, in-flight entertainment, type of TV screen and level of service.
There are many other differences which may be noticeable when you are traveling on a long route.


Premium can be called many different things. Virgin America calls it Main Cabin Select, British Airways uses the term World Traveller Plus and SAS calls it SAS Plus. But it’s all the same thing: economy with some added oomph. And added cost, of course. That said, it’s not anywhere near as much as business class airfares.

Flying premium will give you a dedicated lounge at the airport, and the seats will be in a different cabin to economy. Usually, you’ll get a wider seat with a greater pitch, larger TV screens, better food (this could be a larger selection, complimentary drinks, etc.), and a greater luggage allowance.

A Premium Economy fare is generally 65% less expensive than a Business Class fare. In terms of space and amenities, these two classes are VERY different with Business Class offering up to 50% more legroom, significantly greater recline, more substantial legrests and headrests, and superior food and wine offerings.


They say that if you fly business class once, you’ll never be happy in economy again. While it might be hard to easily see the benefits of premium economy over economy, the luxuries of business over premium economy are immediately apparent. Business class is in fact becoming so good, that many airlines have abandoned their first class seats altogether.

Simply put: everything is better. From pre-flight drinks in real glasses, to meals served on real china with proper knives and forks, you’re spoilt rotten. Full flat-bed seats are the general standard for business class, with seat width going as wide as 34 in and pitch all the way to 87 in.

Some airlines even offer a chauffeured pick-up and drop-off service if you live within a certain distance from the airport, and most – if not all – have a dedicated lounge in the airport where you can fill up on free food and drinks.

Never one to shy from excess, Emirates has an entire bar on board exclusively for business class passengers on their flagship A380 planes. The bar is a proper, semi-circular, fully-stocked bar, serving hot and cold snacks and all the cocktails you could manage. What more could you want?
If you want to avoid sitting in coach, also known as the economy class seating where many other passengers will be, you may want to consider booking a business class seat. This is the next seating class level on many flights, though on some flights there’s an intermediary premium economy class (which are increasing across the board). Generally, a business class ticket will cost less than a first class ticket. So if you’re looking to upgrade, but want to keep the costs lower, a business class ticket is a good choice. You can still experience luxury travel without breaking the bank.

As for food and drinks, customers in business class seats get to enjoy meals and drinks. This includes unlimited alcoholic beverages. The food and drink options offered in business class might vary and may be a step below that of first-class passenger seating options. Overall, it’s still much better than the coach seating food and drink offerings, which may not even be included in coach on some flights.

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