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Different flowers for every occasion

Flowers are the most wonderful creations of the Almighty. We admire their beauty, their features, their innate properties, and even their symbolism. And every part of their existence leaves us simply in awe of them. From making an excellent gift for multiple occasions/festivals to beautifying the party venue with it, flowers grasp the attention of all and help them to stand out of the crowd. They are opted on occasions like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., as well as on some special festivals like Christmas, Holi, etc. Happy or sad, when gifted to someone, flowers tend to emote your deepest expressions of love, care, and concern quite beautifully. There are many online as well as offline florists who will be pleased to extend their flowers and cake delivery in Mumbai or some XYZ city. Here is your ultimate flower guide that you need to go through to know which flowers to be gifted on various occasions/festivals to make it even more joyous.


  1. Christmas - Ring into the festive Christmas spirit as you choose to gift someone beloved or choose to deck up your home decor with some seasonal flowers like poinsettia, Christmas rose, or ivy flower. Each of these flowers makes the very essence of all the joyous festivities of Christmas. While Poinsettas symbolize purity, Christmas roses are known to resemble the spirit of fraternity. 

  2. Valentine’s Day - Once can’t think of a better Valentine ’s Day celebration without doing it right over gifting some flowers to woo the love of their life. Red roses to mixed roses bouquets are quite trending during the entire valentine’s week as red is the color of romance, love, and everything in between. Other than roses, people even opt for carnations, gerberas, orchids, dahlias, lilies, and other such beautiful flowers, having some love-related symbolism, fitting the very occasion of Valentine ’s Day. 

  3. Get well soon - Doesn’t our heart go out to all our loved ones when they are sick or coping with some disease? It does, right? So when words fall short, get well soon wishes over flowers tend to make it up in place of them. Though it is not a happy occasion like Valentine’s day, weddings, etc., still gifting someone some flowers tend to make them happy and catalyze the entire recovery process for them. Some of the eminent get well soon flowers would be daisies, peonies, hydrangeas, and pansies. 

  4. Funeral - Funerals have two sides to the story. One is the acceptance that the suffering of our loved ones has finally come to an end, and he/she will now be in a better place as heaven. And secondly, the sad part would be losing someone we love. You can choose to convey your condolences over some beautiful funeral flowers as carnations, chrysanthemums, gladioli, lilies, and roses to commemorate the happy times.  

  5. Birthday - No birthday gift would be as special as a bouquet of flowers to convey what the birthday boy/girl means to us. As the occasion is such that it marks the born day of someone beloved, the gift should even be made extremely special with some birthday flowers. You can choose various flowers to pamper the various relations of your life with. For example, roses and lilies make an excellent choice of birthday flowers for the love of your life, whereas carnations make a great choice of birthday flowers for your mother. 

  6. Wedding - From decorating the wedding venues with colorful marigolds, roses, and other such flowers to adorning some floral jewelry, weddings and flowers go hand in hand. Flowers tend to add their charm to wedding celebrations and take it to a whole new next level. Also, some of the wedding rituals demand the use of some flowers, having some traditional, religious significance etched to them. 

  7. Graduation - Beginning the next phase of our life is needed a joyous occasion, and it could be made even more joyous by celebrating it over some graduation flowers. Some of the eminent graduation flowers would be lilies, roses, tulips, sunflowers, or some mixed flowers, which would make an ideal token of appreciation for someone who has recently graduated. 


So, these were some of the occasions wherein we choose to shower some love, regards, and well wishes to our loved ones with mesmerizing flowers. You can opt for these flowers in floral boxes, baskets, and other such scintillating setups to leave the recipient in awe of your gifting gesture. Take your pampering to a whole new next level, as you choose to decorate or pamper them with flowers to Mumbai or to some XYZ place. You can take the help of your florist and get it delivered to your loved one’s doorstep at a convenient date and time. Flowers are known to make a classic token of love and all the beautiful feelings of the world. It’s your choice how you want to make special occasions even more special now! 


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