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Different types of Abrasive and Non-Abrasive Cleaning Supplies and their Usages

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Two majorly used cleaning supplies in household products are abrasive cleaners and non-abrasive cleaners.  In this article, we will understand different types of abrasive and non-abrasive and how are they used.

Abrasive cleaning supplies

Abrasive cleaners come in both powder and liquid forms. Mentioned below are different types of abrasive cleaning supplies and their usage

  • Liquid Abrasive cleaners: Liquid cleaners are more effective in removing the hard soil without much rubbing down as they have added elbow grease. The abrasiveness of each product is different. The liquid abrasive cleaners are also used to disinfect surfaces as they include an antimicrobial agent. These agents help in reducing the bacterial population from surfaces. Sodium hypochlorite, pine oil, and quaternary ammonium compounds are some of the abrasive cleaners that are also known to kill germs or disinfectant. Most of these products are regulated and governed by state laws.  

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  • Powdered abrasive cleaners: These cleaners have been used as household cleaning supplies for since long. They are made using fine particles of minerals like calcite, quartz, feldspar, and silica. It is these minerals that provide them their polishing action. These cleaners also contain some quantity of surfactants that helps in cleaning oily and greasy surfaces that are found in the kitchen sink. 
  • Bleaching agents: If you need to remove mound, mildew, beverage, and food stains you will have to use a product that includes a bleaching agent. In such products oxalic acid or sodium hydrosulfite could be present that helps in the removal of mentioned stains and rust stains as well. 
  • Scouring pads: Souring pads are a ball of fine steel wire. These balls provide scoring action to clean any surface. You can fill these pads with the cleaning soap to clean the surface. They are majorly used to clean metal surfaces and they help in getting shine and effective cleaning. But these pads may corrode after some uses.  You can also find scouring pads made of non-corroding materials such as stainless steel wire, nylon or copper mesh. Some pads are imbedded with abrasive particles; such pads can be used without the cleaning mixtures but they can scratch the surfaces. 

Non-abrasive cleaning supplies 

Like abrasive cleaner’s even nonabrasive cleaners come in different types. They come in powdered forms that can be dissolved and used in a proper strength. They also come in liquid form that can either be used in full strength or diluted. These days, you can find these liquids in trigger spays, pump actuated bottles, or aerosol cans.

You can find disinfectants in non-abrasive cleaners as well. These products are regulated by state laws and are labeled as disinfecting or kill germs. These products also contain antimicrobial agents to clean and disinfect surfaces, such as floors and walls, where soil and dirt are accumulated uniformly. 

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You can prepare these cleaners by mixing them with water. If you want to clean heavily soiled areas, you can prepare them in more concentrated solutions or you can use the liquids to their full strength.

These cleaners are made using surfactants and builders. You will come to know if they have surfactants present by the appearance of foam when they are mixed with water.  Most of the all-purpose nonabrasive cleaning supplies form a minimal amount of foam that makes it easier to rinse them. These cleaners may contain sodium carbonate, ammonia, pine oil, and ethanol or isopropanol.

According to your cleaning needs, you can use either abrasive or non-abrasive cleaning supplies. But do remember that, if you use abrasive cleaning supplies for a long time they can make your surface look dull and faded as they remove the glaze or the coating.

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