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Different types of casino bonuses

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Negating the ever-changing world of casino bonus can be a tricky task, particularly if you are new to this world. It’s important going in to know exactly what you are looking for, meaning that grasping the industry jargon is a must. With thousands of casino sites around the globe flourishing, companies will do all they can to lure you in via means of welcome bonuses and loyalty prizes. Here then, is your guide to the world of bonuses, to help you separate the valuable from the misleading.

You will encounter several casino bonuses at different stages of your gambling life. Initial welcome bonuses will be backed up by loyalty rewards and free prizes - depending upon the type of site you use. Once a customer is settled in, and committed to one site only, that site will do all it can to keep them there. But let’s take things back to the beginning, with the shiniest offers of all – welcome bonuses.

This is one of the most common and widely available rewards in the gambling world. Here, where competition is fierce, standing out in a crowded field is everything. However, sometimes that can be a sign of bad things to come, as occasionally, the casino shouting the most has the least to say when all of the newbie privileges have dried up. The ‘new player sign-up bonus’, as it is colloquially termed, must be scrutinised before you commit to anything; as new players need to know how much they can deposit, which games the bonus can be used for, and what the wagering requirements are.

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A new trend currently sweeping the industry by storm are so-called no deposit bonuses. Essentially, players don’t have to deposit any of their own money when they first join up – so long as they haven’t been registered to that specific site before. This is a great new feature for trial and error players, who simply want to get a feel for the various games on offer, rather than just wanting to win money straight away. The only issue for users with this bonus is that some casinos will insist upon a deposit being made before any winnings can be withdrawn. In that sense, the ‘no deposit’ tag-line does start to look a tad dishonest, to say the least.

Reload bonuses and cashback bonuses can also be nice surprises from time to time. A reload is normally given to you after a deposit is made, while a cashback bonus is instead based on a player’s net losses – meaning they get something back if they lose big by going all in. Further to this, once you become very familiar with one particular site, a loyalty bonus of some description could be forthcoming. Loyalty points can be accumulated in play and converted into real money over time.

Online betting sites are normally able to process several different, obscure payment methods. In fact, this can sometimes be rewarded, as a bonus can be sent out to customers for using alternative payment methods. Some casinos have one preferred method of payment and will hand out rewards in order to encourage their customers to use such means going forwards. One other bonus type that is slowly going out of fashion isreferrals, as customers can still receiving a nice little kickback for bringing other people to the site.

You may not be shocked to hear this, but casinos love high-rollers who deposit big sums of money right from the outset. For players such as these, VIP rewards could be handed out, which can be anything from VIP tickets, to free holidays, to expensive watches. Additionally, with passport verification very often required to gamble, nearly every reputable site will hand you a nice little free spin on your birthday.

Finally, we come to the slightly more niche bonuses that you may not come across right away. First of all, we have multiple deposit bonuses, which can give you a little bit of extra money if you decide to make three or more consecutive deposits. Then there are game-specific incentives, whereby a new game will try and entice customers who otherwise may not take notice. Along similar lines are free spin bonuses, where new sign-ups can be encouraged to try out certain pokies and games in the hope of getting them hooked early on.

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