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Different Types of Fixed Access Roof Ladder

Fixed access roof ladder as the name suggests are fixed ladders that offer the workers access to the roofs anytime. These are one of the most common methods of having unhindered access to the roofs. In most cases, these ladders are installed as per the regulations of the government. Hence, they are widely used throughout the world and have a lot of importance. As you can use them in different settings. Therefore, these ladders are available in different types, as well. Let us now have a look at the different types of roof ladders that are available for various use.

Angled Fixed Access Roof Ladder

These refer to ladders which are fixed at a certain angle and provide access to different levels together. There are different types of angled roof ladders, as well.

  • Angled roof ladders with handrails – These are common in various buildings which have a decent height of about 6-8 floors. These are nothing but roof ladders which are fixed at an angle with handrails to make mounting and coming easy for the personnel. These are extremely useful and ensure that people can safely go up and down the ladders without much discomfort.
  • Angled fixed access roof ladder with parapet mount – This type of fixed access roof ladder is useful when the wall of the roof is higher than the ground level of the roof. This helps in making sure that the ladder is fixed properly into the ground and offers a helping hand for people climbing up and down.
  • Angled ladder with lead on handrails – These are often used in properties for construction sites so that workers have no problems when they are carrying heavy materials and can stabilize themselves before carrying on with their work.

Vertical fixed ladders

These refer to those fixed roof access ladders which are fixed straight and vertically. These are typically found in apartment buildings where there is an additional roof for storing water tanks and such. They are generally not high. The different types of vertical fixed ladders are:

  • Vertical ladder with grab rails – This is the most basic type of ladder available for use and eases in climbing up or down the ladders.
  • Vertical ladder with parapet platform – Again, similar to the angled ladders, this fixed access roof ladder is also used for roofs where the wall is higher than the ground level of the roof. This helps a lot in avoiding any kind of accidents and is also the best way to ensure safe climbing methods.
  • Vertical ladder with roof hatch access – This is usually built for roofs where there is no direct access through the elevator or there are no stairs available. These ladders come with roof hatch access which makes them special. These are usually used in factories where no one has to access the roof daily. The roof hatch access brings many benefits to the property.

Caged fixed access roof ladder

This is typically found in properties where the fixed access roof ladder is quite long means that the roof is situated at quite a height and cannot be accessed apart from the access ladder. The cages are essential in such situations, as they can avoid mishaps and provide a sense of security to the personnel climbing the ladder.


Therefore, as you can see that these are some of the different types of fixed access roof ladder which are available to serve different purpose. These are fixed to different building, apartments, and other such establishments as per the building safety rules and regulations. Besides, using such kind of ladders mainly depends on the purpose of use.


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