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Different Types of Geocaches in the Market

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Searching for Geocaches is a treasure hunt, so geocachers, just like pirates, will try to protect their treasure with clever disguises and camouflage.

Geocachers are a clever bunch and are always inventing new ways to camouflage their caches, so geocaches can be quite ingenious. This all adds to the fun and adventure of geocaching and helps to protect the cache from muggles. (see the article on Geocaching Terminology)

When you’re researching geocache descriptions you’ll see that they are listed with 3 ratings. Cache descriptions will list: Difficulty – from 1-5 stars, Terrain – from 1-5 stars, and Size – Micro (includes nano caches), Small, Regular, and Large

Here are the descriptions of the 4 cache sizes:

Nano Cache

A Nano Cache is the smallest type of geocache. Big enough to hold only a log sheet these definitely require that you bring your own pencil/pen. It’s a good idea to have a pair of tweezers with you because due to their tiny size, it can be hard to get out the log sheet. Many times these will be magnetic and can be disguised as bolts or bolts heads and placed on guard rails and light posts.

Micro Cache

A Micro cache is a bit bigger than a Nano cache. 35mm film canisters and pill bottles are often used for homemade Micro Cache containers and there are a large variety of commercial containers available. Another popular container for micro caches is a magnetic key-holder.These can attached under or behind any thing magnetic, like guardrails and metal park benches. The disadvantage of the magnetic key-holders is the fact that they are not waterproof.  Remember you will still need to bring your own pen/pencil and you might need your tweezers.

Normal Cache

Normal sized geocache containers include, tupperware, lock and locks (like tupperware but have flip down locks to keep the cover on), coffee cans, .30 and .50cal ammo cans. (these are very popular because they are both durable and waterproof and can be painted to help camouflage them) Normal caches have plenty of room for a logbook, pen, and swag.

Large Cache

Due to their size, you won’t see as many of these because their size makes them harder to lug around and they’re harder to disguise. They include 5 gallon buckets, 30mm ammo cans, and decon containers.

In addition to the size of the cache here are 2 types of geocaches you will see listed:

Multi Cache

A Multi-Cache in a multiple part cache. These require you to find one or more clues before you actually reach the final destination of the geocache itself. Some multi-cache clues will be within walking distance while others may require you to drive from one location to another. The clues usually include a set of GPS coordinates that will either lead you to the next clue or to the cache location.

Virtual Cache

A Virtual Cache does not include a cache container. Virtual caches will lead you to someplace that might be a historical location or a spot with a spectacular view. To log a virtual cache you might have to take a picture of the area or write a description to prove that you were actually there.

As you can see, there are many types of geocaches available for you to hunt for on your own geocaching adventures. Personally, I prefer normal caches because they are easier to find and usually include trading items.

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Happy Geocaching!

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