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Different types of heat exchangers

Exodraft is a Denmark based world famous company that manufactures different mechanical equipment that is used for the recovery of heat. The company has made a variety of solutions for your energy recovery needs that include plate heat exchangers and heat recovery systems.

About Plate Heat Exchangers

Exodraft is a company that has made a variety of plate heat exchangers to cater the needs of its respected clients. The most popular heat exchanger is a plate heat exchanger it is a special machine that is used to extract the heat from different types of liquid and transfer it to other mediums. It is made with metal sheets that are corrugated and arranged on top of each other. There is a gap between each corrugated plate and the hot or cold medium passes through this gap to change the temperature of the liquid. When the hot medium passes through the gaps between the corrugated metallic plates it heats them and passes the heat to the coolant.

The plate heat exchanger is one of the favorite heat exchange source for extracting heat and preserving it from wastage, they are especially popular with the industries that consume high energy and have to pay huge amounts as bill. Most of the industrial bakeries should definitely go for plate heat exchangers and cut down on their energy bills.

Plate Heat Exchangers Design And Function

Though both plattvärmeväxlare and tube heat exchangers have somewhat similar working they have completely different designs. The tube heat exchangers do not have the corrugated plates in them while the plate heat exchangers have layers of corrugated plates that work more effectively. The plate heat exchangers filters the heat from the medium in a very effective manner.


The plate heat exchangers have stainless steel plates that makes them ideal for exchanging heat especially when it is needed for manufacturing medicines and food. When buying a plate heat exchanger one should pay special attention to the design of the plate heat exchanger.

The plate heat exchangers are further divided in two different types that are:

  • Bolted plate heat exchangers
  • Soldered plate heat exchangers

Bolted Plate Heat Exchangers

The industries with larger cooling systems that have very strong medium and current volume are the best place for the bolted plate heat exchangers. The strong currents with medium volume pass through the gaps present between the bolted plates. In this particular design a number of different plates are arranged together in a frame with the help of clamping bolts. They can be easily disassembled and cleaned. In the bolted plate heat exchangers, increasing its efficiency by adding more plates to it is an open option.

The bolted plate heat exchangers have a special type of seals between the plates that create gaps through which the medium can pass through. The benefit of bolted plate heat exchangers is that they can easily withstand higher temperature and pressure.

Soldered Heat Exchangers

Most commonly used plate heat exchangers are the soldered heat exchangers as they have the most compact design. A number of plates are soldered together up to the limit of 180 degrees.

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