Friday, September 29, 2023
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Different Types of Home Alarm Systems

Burglaries and break-ins have become almost a common occurrence. Criminals have become shockingly brazen and more creative in the ways they carry out their heinous crimes.

So much so that even in a country like the United States of America, on average there are two break-ins, every single minute of every day (1 break-in recorded every 25.7 seconds). So, to protect yourself, your family, your home and valuables, installing a home alarm system has become a necessity, rather than a choice.

Many of the new houses that you can buy or rent, come with home alarm systems already installed within them. Now, since they have become so important, it becomes imperative that you learn all the different functions and types of security alarm systems.

Only then will you know exactly what type of security you need, and thus, the type of alarm system that's best to install in your home.

Types of Alarm Systems

     Electric Current Alarm System - These are basic monitoring systems, often installed during the building’s construction, which monitor only the entrances, like doors and windows. They have a low-voltage electrical current flowing between two points which flows smoothly when the doors or windows are shut. When they are opened, the circuit gets disturbed, triggering the alarm.

     Wired Alarm System - These rely largely on landline phone connections for transmitting signals to their respective monitoring centres. They generally come with basic monitoring capabilities installed into them. Their biggest disadvantage is that they always run the risk of being rendered completely useless, in case the onsite connection wires get damaged or are cut.

     Wireless Home Alarm System - Exactly as the name suggests, these are simply home alarm systems that come without wires. They generally have a control panel, with a host of sensors connected to inbuilt radio frequency transmitters. When the alarm is tripped, a signal travels to the control panel, which activates the alarm. Despite being costlier to install these are very high-quality security equipment, which can be managed remotely via mobile phones and can be integrated with smart home systems like video surveillance, thermostats, etc.

     Unmonitored Home Alarm System - Unmonitored Systems, better known as the “Local” Alarms, tend to depend on the home resident or someone residing nearby the home, to alert the necessary authorities in times of an emergency. These systems come with both visual and audible alarms, which go off immediately when the alarm is tripped. Less costly than monitored alarm systems, they cannot provide the same level of security, especially because the necessary authorities are not notified immediately.

     Monitored Home Alarm System - Knowing that trained security personnel are always keeping a watch over you can provide a lot of peace of mind, and that is exactly what these particular security alarm systems have to offer. The proper authorities are notified immediately when the alarm gets triggered. Depending on the type and quality, the alarm system will come with inbuilt motion sensors, auditory sensors, etc. It can even have a dedicated monitoring company, responsible for monitoring the responses from the alarm 24/7, all year-round. It will be their responsibility to check up on the homeowner and alert emergency response teams when the alarm gets tripped.

There are many home intrusions that take place each year, around the globe. So, it’s always the right move to give your home as much protection as possible, by installing the best security system available.

Home alarm systems are evolving with each passing year. It helps to keep yourself up to date with the available security technologies, to know which ones are available to you to install in your home. The above list will give you insight into the types of security systems you will have to choose from on the market so that you know which one to select.

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