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Different Types of Marketing

The need for marketing concepts is an essential goal for every business. However, the concepts we use may have changed slightly. I have a few helpful suggestions on how you can market your company and ideas based on the types of products you deliver.

Internet Marketing

With internet marketing, you use social media and different websites to get your business and brand out there for the public to see. Everything you do should be posted online to different platforms on the web. You are trying to get your company name and what you do to show up on everyone's google and social media accounts. This will give your business the exposure needed for people to recognize your company name and maybe look into what you do. This is a smart tactic for company's that would not naturally get much exposure. For example, we hear a lot about big companies like Target. Yet, smaller companies that have a lot of competitors can get brushed under the rug. Take for example a plumbing company who has to compete with 30 other plumbing companies just in the same town. They need to figure out how to get ahead of the other companies like theirs. Hiring a plumber marketing company would be beneficial since they have skills that will benefit your company specifically. Online marketing will increase your customer traffic, and hiring out that part of your business leaves you more time to focus on other parts of the business.

You build loyalty and trust with every customer you provide service too, including services that no other plumbing company does in the area.

"If you cannot trust your plumber, then who can you trust?"

Stealth Marketing

This is one of those tricky marketing techniques. What you do is market your brand under the radar. In other words, you are getting people to buy your products without buying into the hype, even though they already have.

Your customers are not going to be aware of the strategy. Some like to call it "undercover" work. There are a lot of companies who have not tried this concept yet because they did not know it exists. It will give you an advantage over the competition, regardless of what your product is.

"I do not like selling. I do not want anything promotional or what appears to be promotional."

Newsflash: Everyone is selling something. Selling something is part of being in business, regardless of the business. This technique involves promoting without promoting. You do have to do it correctly for it to work though.

Word of Mouth

Yes, in 2019, the technique still works. Some of the rules may have changed, but this technique is still used by a lot of companies. Nothing beats word of mouth. Think of it as "whisper down the lane" without the gossip component.

Their friends will come to you and see what you have. The more you give your customers good quality service, the more likely they are to suggest you to their friends and family.

There is one downside though. The technique depends entirely on the impression you leave with the customers you have helped before. One bad review can change the dynamic. You really do have to go out of your way to make people happy. I would not call it "people pleasing", but you do have to pay more attention to your reputation.


This technique does just what it says. It creates diversity with your brand and markets into various platforms and customers. Diversity marketing covers everything you could think of, including relationship bias and preferences.

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