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Different Types of SEO services- all you need to know

Right here, we have highlighted a list of the top 7 best types of SEO services and have let you know how each service type is different from one another. Let's have a look below!


Well, when a person has to know the answer to any question, or if they want to know about any business, the first thing they do is to open "Google." No matter if you are running a small business or the big one, having a strong online presence is the main key to making online and generating maximum leads. 

If you are running a website, then it is important to optimize it so it can successfully show up at the top of search results. And this can only be made possible through powerful techniques of SEO. 

SEO, known as Search Engine Optimization, is one brand, but it is further divided into different sub-branches to help your website grow high. If you are running a blog or a site, then you will be aware of the term SEO. This is just through the SEO with which the potential customers can search you easily in the crowd of millions of websites. Search Engines such as Google are the time crawling around here and there in search of the best content.

Right here, we have highlighted a list of the top 7 best types of SEO services and have let you know how each service type is different from one another. Let's have a look below!

1. White-Hat SEO

First on our list is the white-hat SEO which is referring to all those optimization techniques which are abiding by the guidelines of the Google Search Engine. But if you are using White-Hat SEO, then you need to be patient enough to get successful and accurate results. Results will be sustainable, and they will create some sort of genuine goodwill all-around your brand. Hence, there is no need to worry about facing your site getting bumped or banned in the search results. You just need to stay focused to understand the latest algorithm change.

Hence, to sum up, we will state that the white-hat SEO is low-risk and allows you to receive high rewards. But this is possible only if you will do it right. Few of the common white-hat techniques are authoring useful, use of relevant content after extensive research on the keyword, and earning some links from the high-authority sites based on the merit of your on-page content. 


2. Grey-Hat SEO

Next on our list, we have Grey-hat SEO tactics which are very much commonly used by SEO agencies. This strategy is used just to gain quick results from any client. In short, it falls in between the techniques of White-hat and black-hat SEO. Hence, Google's webmaster guidelines are yet not explicitly stating that you are prohibited from using such methods. You can still use them to achieve some undesirable outcomes on the search engine. 

A few of the common examples of grey-hat SEO are clickbait content which is valued for the client and is also a sensational one. Plus, it even involves paid reviews and the exchange of suspicious links between two different sites. But still, we will say that you should keep yourself away from such sort of underhanded SEO tactics.

3. Negative SEO

Among different types of local SEO services, this is known to be one of the most unethical ones. This SEO service is merely done for the sake of letting the competitor face the downfall on search engine ranking. In this way, you can take their place in that ranking. Hence, this technique is all about replacement. 

Few examples of negative SEO are related to hacking someone's site or building upon a suspiciously high number of low-quality links to it. This might even include posting negative feedback on different online forums. But you need to be careful because negative SEO can often put you into legal ordeals if you are caught practicing it. 

4. On-Page SEO

If you want to give your webpage a high ranking on the search engine results, then you have to fall yourself under the category of on-page optimization. The main purpose of this SEO type is just to provide excellent content to grab the attention of website visitors. You also need to add the meta-tags for helping the Google bots for a better understanding of the content. 

Plus, for the on-page SEO, you can also highlight the headings with the help of HTML tags. But in the middle of this whole process, you have to make sure that your content is not included with any broken links or duplicate pages. You have to clean up the URL structure and must name it in an order that falls under one specific category. Try to look for images that are not too big enough. 

5. Technical SEO

Such Technical SEO will help the Google bots to successfully crawl, index, and interpret the pages of your website for future use. This plays an important role in online reputation management

A few of the basic techniques used in technical SEO are creating an XML sitemap, making the site mobile-friendly, adding structured data for helping the web crawlers, and categorizing the pages based on web content. 

6. Off-Page SEO

Off-page optimization is the last we are sharing on our list! This SEO is one such technique that you generally follow up outside of your site just to perform better and higher in Google's SERPs. 

This will include working on the external ranking factors such as building links from the trusted sites within the name of the same domain, perform successful social media marketing, having positive reviews from the customers on different online forums.



So these have been the 7 most common and popular SEO types which play a vital role in giving your website a high success in the search engine Google results. Each one of the SEO types is different from one another to a certain extent, and to perform them successfully, you have to know about their basics and principal strategies to gain successful results. Make sure you learn its strategies before you imply any one of them on your webpage.


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