Different Types of Super Cool Home Extensions!


When you are low on space, home extensions turnout to be a blessing for you. It is a comparatively convenient method to increase the rooms or space in your home. And you don't even have to stretch your budget too much for this. That is what makes home extension much preferred amongst homeowners nowadays. But if you want to enjoy this convenience, you will have to know about which kinds of home extension options are available for your place.

 Types of Home Extension You Can Opt for!

Before you think of the innumerable options that might be open for home extension, let us inform you that these changes aren’t possible without two important things – the permission from the officials and good house builders in Auckland, Reef View Construction LTD are a team of dedicated craftsmen who would gladly do the home extension or renovation job for you. Their years of experience add to their expertise and their services are totally flawless.

  • Changing your loft into a bedroom — Do you have an additional member coming into the family? Or are you looking for a guest room? Converting your loft into a bedroom seems a magical solution during this time. You just have to call your builders and let them know about the requirement. They’ll create a nice, small bedroom space here and even attach an en suite shower as well.

  • A house above the garage —Your garage mostly comprises your ground floor area. And instead of building a new small apartment beside your garage, why not extend the area above it? Of course you will require the permissions for it. But if you hire the best builders to do the job, they will create a nice and compact little house or apartment with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen above your garage.

  • Another storey extension— Adding another storey to your home is quite common. We are sure you are going to get the permissions for the same easily as well. As for the structure, just let your builders know whether you want to imitate your basic floor plan or want to design an absolutely new structure, they’ll create a new floor for you above your home accordingly.

  • A conservatory or orangery — A conservatory or orangery is a pretty compact form of home extension that increases your outdoor space really well. What’s more, you don’t even require a big budget. Your house builder will design this extension as per your home’s exterior and it would look as if it were an original part of the house.

  •  A porch with the hallway —Do you want to make your living room all the more welcoming and larger? Then why not extend your hallway and create a porch there. You will have to get the required permissions and instruct your builder to do the job as smoothly as possible. A seamless and perfect extension will make it a part of the hallway and provide you an extended space as well.


Aren’t these home extension options tempting? And if you want to try out more, then there are garden houses to consider, a cellar conversion, adding a garage to the place or turning a garage into a room, etc. Just get the right people to work for you and your home extension of any kind would be a breeze.